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The Omlet Guide To Pets


Bees are magical creatures with their highly developed social structures and absorbing behaviour ,you will find them fasinating. This guide covers everything you need to know about bees, beekeeping beehives and much more.


This is a fantastic resource of advice, tips and essential information on everything chicken. As well as everyday care of your pet you can find out about the origin of the species, the names of some famous fighting chickens and how to give your chicken a bath - without ruffling its feathers. We hope you enjoy it!


These quacking pets lay just as many eggs as a chickens and have inbuilt oil cans to help them stay waterproof. There is lots of information about caring for these waterfowl and fascinating facts. Did you know that male ducks moult twice a year, compared to the females once a year? Or that ducks must have access to water. Swat up on these wonderfull animals here.

Guinea Pigs

You can discover the wonderful world of these cute little creatures. They make great pets for your children because they are so friendly and easy to look after. Learn where they came from, how many toes they have on their front feet, why it isn't impossible to pick a guinea pig up by its tail and much more.


Quail are the perfect pet for really small gardens. They lay as many eggs as chickens and are little balls of joy. Learn all about keeping quails yourself in this eggspertly written guide.


Read about these furry animals and their amusing antics. You can learn the basics of caring for your pet or study their anatomy. Do you know your dewlap from your scut?! Or did you know that unchecked a rabbit's teeth will grow 5 inches a year? You can read all this and more in Omlet guide to keeping rabbits.

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