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The Omlet Guide to Keeping Chickens

This fantastic guide tells you everything you need to know about keeping backyard chickens. It includes a pathway through the maze of chicken-related laws in each of the US States, and offers advice on keeping your birds healthy and protecting them from the claws and paws of those pesky predators! You'll discover which hens are the best layers, which ones can survive hot summers or cold winters, and which ones bring added colour to your egg basket.

A purple Eglu Go Chicken Coop looks great in the garden and your chickens will absolutely love it
A purple Eglu Go Chicken Coop looks great in the garden and your chickens will absolutely love it!

From choosing your hens and bringing them home safely, to raising chicks and keeping your neighbours happy, this guide offers advice that will turn you into an expert on all things chicken. In addition to in-depth chapters, we've collected many of the most frequently asked questions to give at-a-glance solutions to common issues, along with some hentertaining photos of the various breeds commonly available in the US.

Customer Images

The door is installed and operational.
Two chickens in their run
my hens love omlet usa!
What you looking at?
My hens
Silkie Pair
Chicken standing on Eglu Go chicken coop wheels
Ania Isańska, Poznań
2nd day
Yolkham Hall....perfect name for North Norfolk chooks
Loving their greens
Making new friends
Love our Omlet fencing - keeping my ladies safe and sound with lots of space
An Omlet chicken run attached to a coop.
Miss thang  the chicken.
Maran Black Copper Cockerel 12 weeks old
Chicken in run
Lots baby ducks in the run.
Chickens in garden
Little chick testing out the new Cube
Chickens standing in their chicken coop.
Omlet green Eglu Cube large chicken coop and run in garden
A flock of chickens enjoying their large run.
A chicken perching on my shoulder.
A door within a door!
A white chicken with back specks in a mud garden
Betty Boo and Wilma
Susie and Betty the Silkie
hens chilling
Arthur and Boris the Bantam
Mrs Doyle says hello!
Boys and their chickens!
Boris our 10 month old Dutch Bantam cockerel
Welsummer and Leg horn
Leg Horn
Lovely Flock, 2 brown leghorn, 2 show summers, and 2 crested creme legabars
Charlie the polish cockerel
Coco the White Sussex X Polish Bantam hen
Pingu the chick
Belgian Mottled D’Ucclés our pride and joy
Chicken on towel
Baby orpingtons enjoying the sun
5 day old orpington chick
Chicken in Eglu Cube large chicken coop
Chickens in Snow
Omlet green Eglu Cube large chicken coop and run connected to Omlet walk in chicken run
The early bird catches the worm
My silkie hens
Serama 8 weeks old
Chicken in run
Chicken in run
Chickens in run
Chicken in run
Chicken sitting down
Chicken being held
Chicken looking into camera
Chickens in run
So Eggcited with our new home
Our first incubated hatch
A chicken sitting on some grass
Two chickens roosting in a chicken coop
Two chickens walking on a field
A chicken walking on a garden looking at a wall
Chickens in run
Feeding time
Being nosey
Snack time
Close up of chicken
Omlet grey automatic chicken coop door attached to wooden chicken coop
Faith my cockerel
Backyard Chicken
A white fluffy chicken on grass
A brown and black chicken in a garden
A brown and a white chicken in a dust bath
A close up image of a brown chicken in a garden
White leghorn
Two chooks
A set of green Go chicken coops with one metre runs
Little Pekin - Winona
My Red Sex Link, always watching with that beady eye!
Silver & Golden sebrights
Chickens in run
Two Omlet purple Eglu Cube large chicken coops and runs connected to Omlet walk in chicken runs
Chicken in run with feeder
Egg hatching in hand
Close up of chickens


Gina, 18 September 2022

I’m interested in the Ixworth chickens. I’m a new chicken owner and have five Easter eggers and one Jersey Giant. I am interested in the Ixworth, because it’s considered an endangered species. I would like to start raising them and help their numbers to increase again. Can anyone point me the right direction to accomplish this?

Sophie, 22 February 2022

Hi, I am wanting to get some chickens and I am new to it, the area I am wanting to put my chickens doesn't have any grass will the be ok on woodchip?

Rachel, 21 February 2022

Is there a place I can get a power cord in to supply heat to the coop?

Arif, 13 July 2021

Looking for Ko Shamo chicken Please let me know if you have Thanks

Babs, 24 June 2021

Do you have a catalog for mailing??