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Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree - Customizable Cat Climbing Tower

Create an indoor cat tree that you know your cat will love with Freestyle! Add scratchers, hammocks, dens and more to the floor to ceiling pole.

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The Ultimate Space Efficient Indoor Cat Tree

Available in 6 sizes from 5 ft. up to 14 ft. 5.2 in, the Freestyle Cat Tree suits any home, no matter how low or high your ceiling. Choose the pole kit that fits your room, extend the pole from floor to ceiling and secure the ceiling cap with screws. Then, simply attach accessories of your choice for your cat to enjoy!

Why stop at one? Multiple poles can be joined together with ramps, bridges and horizontal poles to create an epic cat activity center, or start with one pole and expand your setup later. Your cat can soon have the biggest cat tree in the neighborhood!

Bond With Your Cat on a Whole New Level

From stretching to scratching, jumping to grooming, eating to sleeping, and everything in between - the Freestyle cat climbing tree accessories offer everything your cat needs to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, while encouraging you to interact with your furry friend and bond with them at eye level.

Your cat will love to play and watch the world go by from multiple levels, and when they’re feeling a little bit sleepy, they can choose from plenty of cozy areas, like the hammock or den, to drift off into a peaceful cat nap.

Customize Your Freestyle Cat Tree Tower With Accessories & Fabrics

Unlike other sturdy floor to ceiling cat tree options, Freestyle gives you the freedom to create a large modern cat tower you know your cat will actually love, and offers a choice of four stylish fabric colors to compliment your home.

Start with steps, platforms, ramps and bridges to build a system that your cat can easily navigate, and add further accessories like hammocks, dens and scratchers to provide limitless entertainment opportunities for your feline friend!

A Kit for Every Cat

Need some help designing your floor to ceiling cat tower? Swipe through our starter kits to get some cat tree inspiration!

Sturdy Cat Tree and Scratching Posts Made to Last

Strong and Durable Aluminium and Bamboo for Safety & Comfort The high quality materials of the Freestyle modern cat tree tower provides comfort, security and durability.

The Freestyle is a strong carpet-free cat tree, made from durable materials like aluminum and bamboo, designed to keep your cat safe and comfortable, but also look amazing in your home for years to come. The sturdy accessories ensure cats of all sizes can be confident to jump, scratch and climb without fear.

For additional stability, or incase of not wanting to secure the pole into the ceiling, you can purchase optional wall braces which fix the pole to a wall.

As bamboo is an incredibly strong, natural material, you may see some splitting over time due to changes in the moisture content. This doesn’t affect the stability and security of the product, but you should protect your bamboo components by coating them in a non-toxic interior wood oil with a matt finish.

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Replaceable Cat Scratchers for Future-Proof Fun

xx It's super easy to replace cardboard and sisal parts once worn.

The Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree is designed to last the test of time, which is why all worn scratching elements are completely replaceable so you don’t have to throw away your whole cat tree when the material becomes too frayed to sharpen your cat’s claws. A sustainable purchase for you, and long lasting fun for your cat!

The cushion covers can also be refreshed by removing them from the pad and washing with mild detergent on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Note: the sheepskin cover should be washed by hand.

Extend. Adapt. Refresh. Your Cat Will Never Get Bored!

Extendable and adaptable system can be customised at any time The Freestyle can be extended at any time, making sure it's perfect for your space and your pets.

The sky’s the limit with the Freestyle Cat Tree! Extend and adapt your system at any time by adding more poles and accessories to provide even more hours of fun for your cat, or rearrange your platforms, bridges and ramps to create a new route to discover through the cat activity tree!

Is your cat ready to reach new levels of fun? Add another vertical pole to the system at any time, and connect them together with bridges, ramps or horizontal poles accessorized with cushions or scratchers for an amazing vertical playground.

Purrfectly Practical in Every Way

Space efficient cat tree can fit anywhere The flexibility of the Freestyle allows you to create a system that fits the space you have.

Make better use of the vertical space in your cat’s play area by positioning accessories all the way up the tall cat tree. Incorporate pet-safe houseplants with the plant pot holder to add vibrance to your home, or place your pets’ food on the cat tree at a more comfortable height with the food bowl holder, or treat dishes, to reduce mess on the floor.

The slim cat tree's small footprint makes it a perfect fit for any home, and especially ideal for apartments, or small bedrooms and cat rooms.

Luxury Cat Tree with Colors to Compliment Your Home

xx The cushions will not only provide extreme comfort, they will also look great in your home.

Choose from a variety of stylish and modern accent colors for your cat tree system’s cushions to compliment your home interior. The bamboo steps, platforms, bridges and ramps look elegant and sophisticated against your other home furnishings, and even more so with a sharp looking cushion in blue, grey, yellow or luxurious faux fur in pink.

The upholstery grade fabrics are strong and durable to withstand sharp claws and teeth, but also soft and comfortable to ensure ultimate relaxation for a post-playtime nap.

Ideal for Nervous Cats & Multi-Pet Households

Discover the new Freestyle Cat Tree perfect for Nervous Cats and Multi-Pet Households Cats will appreciate having a space up high where they can watch their surroundings.

Nervous and anxious cats will appreciate the opportunity to escape up high, away from visitors, children, and other pets in the home. Choose from cozy dens or secluded hammocks for the ultimate safe haven, and find a position anywhere on the premium cat tree where your cat will feel most secure and comfortable.

Suitable for All Kittens, Disabled & Senior Cats

Freestyle cat tree is easy to adjust your Freestyle according to your cats' age and abilities. It's easy to adjust your Freestyle according to your cats' age and abilities.

The Freestyle Cat Tree can easily be adapted and customized to suit any cat, no matter their ability! For kittens, disabled or senior cats with reduced mobility, just add more steps in between accessories to aid their movement through the big cat tree.

You can also customize the cat tree accessories to suit your cat’s age. For example, as your kittens grow you can move the steps further apart to encourage stretching and jumping, or as your senior cat gets more confident you can add accessories higher up the tree, including the soft, cozy hammock - the perfect place for a long cat nap!

Ready to create your own ...

Explore the Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cat tree has been rigorously tested to make sure it's safe for all cats to use. All parts have been tested with weights of at least 65 lbs, so you can be confident that big cats like Maine Coons, as well as multi-cat households, will be able to enjoy it.
The 5ft. 7 in. - 7ft. and 7ft. - 8ft. 6.3 in. vertical poles come with a fixings pack for the pole to be secured into the ceiling, or you can purchase a wall brace to secure the pole to a wall. The larger vertical pole kits include a wall brace and a screw and bolts pack to secure your pole to the ceiling and wall using the included wall brace. The fixings pack includes 5 wood screw, 5 wall plugs and 5 plasterboard plugs, so you can fix the pole to a wooden, solid masonry or plasterboard wall/ceiling. If you want to further secure the pole, you can buy an additional fixings pack here.
Yes, if the poles are assembled securely they will be able to withstand all types of jumping and playing. If you want extra stability for peace of mind, you can purchase extra wall braces to fasten the poles to the wall. We recommend getting a professional to assist you with the cat tree installation.

The pole is screwed into the ceiling with supplied fixings. Which of the fixings you need depend on the material you are fastening the pole to. If you don’t want to fasten the pole to the ceiling, or if you want extra stability for an extra high system, you can secure it to the wall using optional wall braces. You can watch our step by step instruction videos here.

Cats naturally enjoy being high up, taking in their surroundings in a safe space away from children and other pets. A cat tree will also provide your cat with exercise and scratching opportunities, especially beneficial to indoor cats.
Yes, you can add on vertical poles and all other accessories at any point you decide to extend or adapt your tree system.
Yes, you can purchase spare parts and accessories here.
The poles and platforms are easy to wipe clean with a pet safe disinfectant and soft cloth. Wash woven fabrics in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees with mild detergent. Faux Sheepskin fabrics should be hand washed only at 40 degrees with mild detergent.
Do not tumble dry, iron or use bleach.
Yes, with a few exceptions. The treat dish, plant pot and food bowl cannot be placed at the extended, narrower bit of the pole. Depending on where you want to place the sisal scratching rope kit, you will also need to choose either the base or the narrow version.
Your Freestyle Cat Tree comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that takes you through the assembly process, and there are also step-by-step how to build videos here. We recommend getting a professional to fit and screw your pole into the ceiling for you.
An angled ceiling fixing kit is available to add to your system in the configurator, or to buy here.
Yes. You will receive all the accessories you have added, but they do not need to go in the same place. You can build your system one way and move the accessories around at any time. This applies to the starter kits as well.

The scratching components for the Freestyle are either cardboard or sisal. Which one you should choose depends on your cat's scratching preferences.

The sisal rope kit is a cost effective and adjustable solution that is simply wrapped around one of the poles, whereas the thicker scratching post is a more robust version for fierce scratchers who take their nail maintenance seriously. Both of these are attached to poles. The sisal wraps go on bridges or ramps, great for horizontal stretching.

The cardboard scratching boxes come in two different designs and are also attached to ramps or bridges. The corrugated cardboard allows cool air to move through the small gaps, which will be especially appreciated on warm summer days.

The system is not stable enough to be free standing, so it must be secured to the ceiling and/or wall using the provided fixings.
You can find all available parts and accessories here, and you can see dimensions and product names in this PDF.
Sisal is an agave plant which yields a stiff fiber used to make rope and twine. Sisal rope is commonly used for cat scratchers due to its strength and durability, and cats like sharpening their claws against the fibers. Additionally, it is biodegradable and can be recycled.
Yes, you can customize the Freestyle Cat Tree to suit the requirements of your cat. For kittens or less agile cats you can put in more steps or move accessories closer to the ground.
The Freestyle is made from strong and durable materials, like bamboo and aluminum. If you want to know what materials a specific part is made from, you can find all parts and accessories here.

Make sure the whole cat tree is secured and fully assembled and that all screws are tightened before letting your cat use the Freestyle. Regularly check the system to make sure everything is fastened securely, and only use accessories specifically designed and intended for the cat tree.

The Freestyle Cat Tree is designed to be used by pets. Don’t lean against, climb or hang on the cat tree. Don’t rest heavy objects on any parts of the tree. The Cat Tree is not a toy. Don’t leave children unsupervised when in contact with the product.

Yes. As bamboo is an incredibly strong, natural material, you may see some splitting over time due to changes in the moisture content. This doesn’t affect the stability and security of the product, but you should protect your bamboo components by coating them in a non-toxic interior wood oil with a matt finish.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree - Customizable Cat Climbing Tower

4 Stars:


3 Stars:


2 Stars:


1 Star:


This is fantastic - Carolina, Herts,

We love this....setup took some time because of all the parts involved but it was not difficult. The most difficult part was finding the perfect configuration for our needs. Stormi, our rescue, was extremely cautious. Thankfully we were fostering 4 kittens who didn’t share in her hesitation. As you can see, they took to it. We did have to take the top of the den off because the kittens thought they should play on top of it and since it was the highest point on the tower, we thought we should err on the side of caution. If you are on the fence about this, I say go for it. We enjoy watching the cats on it. The hammock is a big hit and it wonderful to watch the cardboard being utilized. Stormi preferred to scratch up my area rugs, which was expensive.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

Great cat tree - Michelle, Leics,

We've two 14 month old Maine Coons who weigh 6.5kg each and within 5 minutes they were up and down it. They absolutely love it and it is sturdy enough that both of them can easily be on it at the same time. Wasn't as easy as we thought to put together but it's in place now and not moving! We are going to buy a larger set up for their room.
Review for: Freestyle - The Ladder Kit - 7 ft. to 8 ft 6.3 in.

The reviewer has 2-4 Maine Coon pets

Excellent quality - Sarah, Herts,

Had this a while now and keep adding extras for my 2 cats. The quality is superb and worth the price. The cats love it, whether they are sleeping, climbing, hiding or just being crazy. The hammocks are the favourites, I had to get them one each to avoid any arguments.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

Our kittens love it! - Maria, Herts,

We bought this for our new kittens in the hope that it would save our furniture and curtains - and so far so good. The kittens absolutely love it and we love watching them on it. Fairly easy to put together though it does take time! All worth it.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

SO SO GREAT!!! - Matt, Herts,

We have two ‘indoor’ cats, built them a huge outdoor ‘catio’ but they hardly use it in the winter so got em this indoor jungle gym for cats! Had two normal cat trees and they liked them - but this is another level….literally. Because the poles are so so much more versatile than a standard cat tree you can have them anywhere without getting in the humans way. Just cant speak highly enough of this product everything from the help ordering to the actual online videos helping with assembly are just 10/10. Thanks rosie and the rest if the gang. Matt.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

Customer Images - Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree - Customizable Cat Climbing Tower

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