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Chicken Coops

Ingeniously designed chicken coops for hobbyists and flock raisers alike. Discover easy-to-clean chicken coops with ultra-secure runs, customizable with wheels, handles, automatic chicken coop doors and more! Whether you keep a designer flock as living art, or have a barnyard mix of devoted egg-layers, you’ll find an Omlet chicken coop to suit your needs.

1453 reviews
Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with Run
380 reviews
Eglu Go Up Raised Chicken Coop with Run
419 reviews
Eglu Go portable chicken coop with run

Why buy a chicken coop designed by Omlet

At Omlet, we invent, design, and test the chicken coops that we believe chickens and their keepers need. Through careful observation and purposeful pet-ownership, we’re able to construct chicken coops that keep chickens safe and secure while fostering their natural habits and expressions. We continually evolve and improve our designs through observing our own personal pets, as well as the valuable experience of our customers. Our line of chicken coops is the result of such attention to detail and the pioneering we stand for.