Walk In Chicken Run Extensions

Extend your Walk in Chicken Run with easy to add extensions
Extend your Walk in Chicken Run with easy to add extensions
Increase the size of your Walk In Chicken Run with easy to add extensions. These extensions are quick and simple to fit to your existing Walk In Chicken Run. They are not compatible with the MK1 Walk in Runs. If you are unsure whether this will be suitable for your Walk in Chicken Run or not, please call 01295 750 094.

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Great little run - Jayne,

This run is great. It is much easier to clean out the coop than the lower 2m and 3m runs where you can't reach the front of the coop. However I would say that if you can afford a bigger one it would be well worth it as this one is quite tight (we have the go up in it). Also the poo tray for the go does not fit through the door of the run so you have to tilt it (and some of the poo falls out). The hens do love this run. It is ideal for my 3 Orpingtons (big birds).

Fabulous! - Julie,

Easy to put together but do allow a couple of hours. The instructions were great. My girls are now very safe!

Review - Katerina,

We purchased our run because the fox wiped out our flock. We looked around and at the cost of other runs. We are super happy with our purchase as it is light enough to move, sturdy enough to protect and long lasting enough that we won't be replacing every 5 years.

Chicken run - Liz,

Delighted with run. Glad I bought a full height one as my girls like resting on the roof of their coop using it as a sun terrace. Also prevents me having to stoop. Yesterday though the latch broke and slipped off in my hand. Awaiting a reply from omlet as to how to rectify this.

Brilliant - Hutton,

Took a couple of hours to build and very impressed with quality of product. The girls love it, we put in lots of perches at varying heights and a deep layer of bark and it's been good to see them having fun exploring (although they are ignoring the swing...).

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