Outdoor Rabbit Run Extensions

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An everlasting Godsend - Amanda,

Tough and hardwearing fantastic product. I bought the single tube and the sliding door. I have 2 pairs of rabbits they live in a separated hutch. The pair in the top bunk where always a nightmare to catch and put to bed at night. So I fitted the Zippi door & tunnel to the top-side panel of their section and they pop in and out of their upper floor all day long and when it's bedtime I clap my hands and they happily run up the tube and I close the door behind them. It really is a brilliant product and a Godsend for me and my bunnies! I Highly recommended it. Amanda

As much space as possible - Sue, N/A,

My house rabbits go out in the hutch/run during summer days and love running through the tunnels to the second run and house area. The house and run on their own are way below recommended space requirements for rabbits (the house especially) so extra tunnels and runs are essential to give them the room they need. They love the pop up lookout.

A must have - Sue, N/A,

Moving the hutch and run around would be tricky without the wheels and handle. Was very glad I bought them as an extra.

An essential - Sue, N/A,

I think these wheels (with the handles as well) are a must have to move the hutch and run around. When in the "up" position they also keep the house just off the grass to reduce marking the lawn.

A fun sign - Sue, N/A,

Nice to see something for rabbits rather than everything for cats and dogs. Sign has two holes for hanging on nails and it is very light weight so no worries about support. But beware it is quite fragile, the first time I put it on the nails it snapped in two, fortunately some superglue later it was good as new.

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