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Omlet Chicken Fencing

If you’re looking for some netting to fence in your chickens, this is a great choice. This handy fencing comes in green, to blend into your garden. It is available as a 39, 69, 195 and 138ft roll and is very easy to put up and move about. It can be used to keep your chickens within an area, giving them more space to roam or, of course, out of a part of your garden, like your prized vegetable patch!

  • Omlet Netting comes with an easy-access gate. Omlet Netting comes with an easy-access gate.
  • Give hens extra room for free-ranging!
  • Omlet Netting and Eglu Go
  • Omlet Netting blends perfectly with your garden.
  • Omlet Netting is 25% higher than other brands of poultry netting.
  • Omlet Netting is unobtrusive and doesn't spoil your view.
  • Works brilliantly, even with larger breeds.
  • The handy gate makes it easy to get in and out of your chicken keeping area
  • The inbuilt gate makes it easy to go in and out of the garden, even with a wheelbarrow.
  • Omlet Chicken Fencing helps create a chicken keeping area perfect for you and your hens.


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I love my chickens but equally I love my garden and this netting provided the ideal solution. Now the girls can happily cluck around the lawn and my flowers get to survive! - Jennie

From $124.99

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Looks Great In Your Garden

The dark green fencing blends well amongst the flora and fauna of your garden, so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb and it is almost invisible from a distance.

Omlet Chicken Fencing and Chickens

Blends into you garden.

Looks Great In Your Garden

A simple way to keep your chickens in one area of the garden.

Simply push the poles into the ground.

It is quick to set up the fencing by pushing the poles in with your foot.

Easy To Put Up

This handy fencing comes in a roll and is very easy to put up and move about. You simply thread the double spiked poles through the fencing. All poles have two spikes making it easy to 'tread' them into the ground and providing stability. Just pop the fencing into the top cap of the poles and then simply push the poles into the ground to secure them in position.

You can download instructions for your chicken fencing here.

Top of Omlet Chicken Fencing Gate Post

Quick assembly pole hooks.

Inbuilt Gate Included

Omlet Chicken Fencing comes with an inbuilt gate with a strong catch that is quick to open but secure, making it easy to get in and out to feed your chickens. The strong catch for the gate is highlighted in a luminous green making it easier to see where the gate is. You can also position the gate wherever suits the layout of fencing you have chosen.

The gate locks securely.

Inbuilt Gate Included

The handy gate gives you quick access to your chickens.

Taller Than Most Fencing

With an overall height of 1.25m, (which is taller than most fencing), you can be confident that even the most determined of your feathered friends won’t make a great escape! .

Perfect For Smaller Poultry

The fencing is also suitable for use with smaller birds like bantams. The bottom section of the fencing has holes that are only 50mm wide to stop them wriggling their way through. The holes higher up are 100mm wide.

Taller Than Most Fencing!

Taller Than Most Fencing

Suits Any Shape or Sized Garden

Suits Any Shape or Size of Garden

Available in 3 different sized rolls to suit your garden's/chickens' needs. You can also make any shape you like, rather than just squares or rectangles.

The grass is always green on the other side.t

Section off an area of your garden.


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Omlet Chicken Netting With Yellow Go

Omlet Chicken Fencing - 39ft - Inc. Gate and Double Spike Poles


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Omlet Chicken Netting With Yellow Go

Omlet Chicken Fencing - 68ft - Inc. Gate and Double Spike Poles


Omlet Chicken Netting

Omlet Chicken Fencing - 105ft - Inc. Gate, Double Spike Poles and Guy Lines


Omlet Chicken Netting With Yellow Go

Omlet Chicken Fencing - 138ft - Inc. Gate and Double Spike Poles


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- Keith, 29 May 2015

The fence served the purpose I needed on giving the chicken more yard to roam in. The fence was easy to to work with and place where I needed it in the yard.

           Poor posts

- Phil, 25 May 2015

Most of assembly went well. One of the posts however lost the small leg at the bottom which made it ackward to keep vertical Spares ordered. It seems one cannot order a length of netting on its own

           Omlet Chicken fencing

- Sandra, 22 May 2015

I love this netting! It is a lot thicker than some of the other netting I have seen and it does the job of keeping my chickens out of my garden and off my deck. LOVE IT!!

           Chicken fencing.

- Caroline, 14 May 2015

I bought the 12 meter fencing to give my chickens some extra space to roam. The fencing arrived quickly and was mainly easily put up. I would have given this product a 5* but for the fact that I can not get the guide ropes to be of any use. They are nylon and they slide down and will not stay tight. This makes the run not quite so good as I had hoped.

           The ultimate solution

- Sue, 03 May 2015

This fencing has been the answer to saving my garden from my hens while still allowing them room to roam. I've used it on 3 sides of their pen, with a hedge on the 4th side, giving them more space. The fence is easy to erect and almost invisible from a distance. It's high enough to stop most escapees, but I had to clip the wings of one hen who could fly out. Thankyou Omelet !

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