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If you’re looking for some chicken fencing to use in your yard, the new Omlet chicken fencing is a great choice. The new and improved fencing comes in green to blend into your garden and is available as a 39ft, 69ft, 138ft & 195ft roll. This movable chicken fencing is much easier to install than chicken wire and features many benefits such as tangle proof netting, adjustable poles and reflective badges to help you find the gate at night. Use this poultry fencing to keep your chickens within an area, giving them more space to roam or out of a part of your yard, like your prized vegetable patch!

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Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 39ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 39ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 68ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 68ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 105ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 105ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 138ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 138ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines
Chickens roaming in a fenced off area. A simple way to keep your chickens in one area of the yard.

The dark green movable poultry fencing blends well among the flora and fauna of your yard, so it doesn’t stand out and it’s almost invisible from a distance. By contrast the guy ropes are hi-vis and contain a reflective strand that makes them stand out day and night to guard against any trips or accidents.

Pushing the spiked fencing pole into the ground. It is quick to set up the fencing by pushing the poles in with your foot.

This handy chicken fencing comes in a roll and is very easy to put up and move about. It will save you so much time compared to a traditional post and chicken wire solution. All poles have two spikes that provide great stability and make it easy to 'tread' them into the ground. The netting is designed to be tangle-free and peck proof for added security and durability, meaning that it is easier to use and more secure than ever.

Man operating the Omlet chicken fencing gate. The handy gate gives you quick access to your chickens.

Omlet’s Chicken Flexible Fencing comes with an inbuilt gate which features a newly redesigned catch that is stronger and more comfortable to use. You can also set the width of the gate opening to your preferred size making it easy to get in and out to feed your chickens. Another great feature of the gate is that you can position it wherever you want within the layout you have chosen, you can put it at any end, the middle or anywhere else. The width of the gate opening can also be adjusted to suit.

Suits Any Shape or Sized Garden

Available in 4 different sized rolls to suit your yard's/chickens' needs. You can also make any shape of chicken enclosure you like, rather than just squares or rectangles.

Man operating the Omlet chicken fencing gate. Reflective guy ropes provide high visibility when needed.

The Omlet Chicken Fencing is now easy to spot at night and on gloomy evenings thanks to some new reflective features. Not only are the guy ropes reflective but the gate now also features a reflective badge so you can find it easily in the dark. This is really handy in winter when you might be popping out to check on your hens at dusk.

The dimensions of Omlet chicken fencing. Omlet's chicken fencing is taller than most other fencing

With an overall height of 1.25m, (which is taller than most chicken fencing), you can be confident that even the most determined of your feathered friends won’t make a great escape! The poles of the fence are also adjustable to ensure that the netting remains tight and secure at all times.

Perfect For Smaller Poultry

This poultry fencing is also suitable for use with smaller chickens like bantams. The fencing has the same size holes from top to bottom that are approximately 50mm wide.

PLEASE NOTE - This fencing is intended as a means of keeping your chickens in a contained area. It is not predator proof and cannot be electrified. The fencing will arrive folded down the middle and as a result may have a temporary crease when first assembled. This will disappear after a short period of use.

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Good once unravelled and in place - Maureen,

Very difficult to unfold the 42 m & open out. Would have been much easier if netting was in a full height roll, then could have just rolled round the stakes. Needed 4 of us , and a good job I have a large drive to roll it out on. Tip Used clothes pegs to hold unfolded netting together to re roll. It might not tangle but rerolling itself is just as frustrating. I made a 10.5m square . I think it needs more poles for the 42m.and a guy rope for each pole. I have slotted in some canes to give more support in between your poles. Survived the recent gales. Pleased with it once up . Chickens not pleased as they cannot get out now. Your video is misleading as it suggests a girl in slippers can put fence up! , and what breed of chickens do you have that don’t scratch out holes and leave poo all over !!

Easy to use - Peter,

I considered buying some of that plastic barrier fencing and using electric fence poles. However this looked well thought out, so I bought it. Glad I did. Easy to erect and convenient gate. Also higher than the barrier fence which our chickens would have got over. Yes I could have erected some cheaper fencing but it would have been inferior. A well thought out product - not a bad price for the quality.

Omlet Chicken Fencing is not all-season! - Ted,

The Omlet Chicken Fencing was fine for summer and early fall, but with the heavy wet snow we had the night of November 15 brought it all down. Most of the carbon-fiber stakes either bent or snapped and the even the guy wires that I replaced with stronger cables and larger auger anchors did not hold. Two of the auger posts were pulled right out of the ground. It is our recommendation that if you live in a area that has late fall and winter winds and snow that you take this product down for those months. Good Product for nice weather and our hens loved it!

Another excellent product from Omlet - Louise,

I should have written this review a year ago when we had had the product for only a short time, but it's maybe even more valid now. Strong, flexible fencing, which looks great in the garden. Has stood test of adverse weather. We very unfortunately had a fox incident, and Mr Fox snipped through the fencing (which we know is obviously not predator proof). It was all rather traumatic, and I phoned Omlet - some excellent advice given at the time for the care and future management of remaining hens, and excellent customer service response to m query re the fence that now had holes, I find the Omlet products and customer service to be f a high standard

Great Product - a little hard to set up - Cara,

I’ve had the product up for about a month and works well to allow my hens to wander more widely than their large coop. Definitely at least a two person job and some more detailed instructions would be helpful. Main issue was unwinding and weaving poles through fence. However it was just what I needed and It was well worth the price.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk1 - 105ft - Inc. Gate, Double Spike Poles and Guy Lines

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