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Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

The easy to clean Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with optional secure run is the perfect way to keep pet bunnies in your garden!

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Rabbits sitting in the Eglu Go Hutch bunny run Rabbits sitting in the Eglu Go Hutch bunny run

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch is the simple, stylish, straightforward way to keep pet bunnies. Suitable for two medium sized bunnies, this will make a wonderful home for your new friends. It has been designed to enable pet rabbits to express their natural instincts, offering them a fun environment that will make them feel really at home.

The Eglu Go Rabbit House offers two main areas for your pet to explore. The colorful hutch is a wonderful hideaway to eat, sleep, and snuggle up in, and the secure 6ft enclosure is perfect for enjoying a hop around and some fresh air. The biggest benefit of having a hutch and enclosure in one is your pet's freedom to go in and out as it pleases, according to its own routine. As a result, your pet will be happy, relaxed, and easier to handle.

Low Maintenance Rabbit House

Keeping the Eglu Go Hutch in order is easy thanks to its clever design. This rabbit house has wipe-clean surfaces and a slide-out bedding tray to make it easy to clean, and, made from energy-efficient polymers, it never needs to be treated. It is a hygienic home for your pets, naturally weather resistant, and at the end of its life it can be recycled.

Removing the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch bedding tray Removing the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch bedding tray

Cleaning the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch is a breeze, and just a few minutes each week will keep it looking (and smelling) nice and fresh. The large door at the back allows easy access to the house, and the slide-out tray makes it quick to change your pet's bedding. The droppings make a great fertilizer for your plants, just add them to your compost bin. The Eglu's smooth plastic surfaces do not absorb moisture, making it more hygienic than a wooden hutch, and it can be washed all over with a quick blast of a hose or pressure washer. Easy!

A pet bunny in the spacious rabbit run Built-in wire base to prevent tunneling from inside or outside the enclosure.

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch comes complete with a 6ft enclosure, suitable for two medium bunnies to hop around in. Made from strong, steel weld mesh, it is virtually impossible for predators to break, and a unique anti-tunnel perimeter sits flat on the ground to prevent animals from digging in. You will also receive a large piece of bunny Underfloor Wire to place under the enclosure which will prevent your rabbits from digging out. The unique tunnel-proof panels have been proven in rigorous testing to be fox and badger resistant, so you can be sure that your pets are safe even when you are not at home.

The run comes in sections for easy transportation and storage, and it can be put together in minutes. Once assembled, you will find that it really looks the part, with a dark green coating that blends into the backyard beautifully. The enclosure has spacious vertical sides, increasing in width to 65in and reaching a height of 31.5in at the end, giving your pets plenty of room to stand upright, and the enclosure door can be opened to pet, feed, or lift your bunnies out regularly.

Please note that we are currently sending out two types of underfloor mesh, so depending on the size of the run you choose there is a possibility you might receive two different types of mesh. This will not affect the structure of the run or the way your pets use it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Topping off the bunny food bowl in the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch Topping off the rabbit food bowl in the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

The Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch comes complete with a hay rack, feed bowl, and water bottle. The hay rack is mounted on the inside of the removable back panel, making it quick and easy to fill or remove. This is very handy as rabbits are herbivores, and they will munch through a lot of hay (in fact, it should form the main part of their diet).

Water is very important to pets too, and the water bottle fits into the hay rack inside the house. Keeping the water in the Eglu rabbit house means that it is protected from direct sunlight, reducing the formation of algae, and the water is unlikely to freeze during Winter due to the insulation of the house.

The stainless steel dish can be placed inside the Eglu, or in the run, and it is ideal for filling with dry food or fresh vegetables. Yum!

Easy Access

Opening the back door of the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

The Eglu has a single large door at the back which can be opened to reveal the bedding tray and access the hay rack and water bottle.

Bedding Tray

Removing the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch bedding tray

The removable bedding tray can be slid out quickly to clean out, re-fill or top off the stainless steel treat bowl.

Front Door

Opening the front door of the Eglu rabbit house

The easy-to-use front door gives the option to shut bunnies in the house at night or keep them in the run for when you want to clean the house.

Eglu Go Hutch covered in snow. Multi-wall insulation to keep pets warm in Winter

The Eglu is specially designed to keep your pet bunnies warm in the Winter. Its unique multi-walled insulation system works in a similar way to double glazing, trapping a pocket of air between layers to keep the house well insulated.

...and Cool in Summer

In the event that we have a sweltering Summer, you can be sure that your bunnies will be kept cool in the Eglu. Its draft-free ventilation system allows fresh air to circulate while preventing air from blowing directly over the bedding area.

The Eglu Go Rabbit House in a backyard The Eglu Go Rabbit House in a backyard

The Eglu Go Hutch has a rabbit enclosure large enough to give your pets the exercise they need to develop strong bones and stay fit and healthy, and they will love being able to go in and out of their house as they please. Unlike other enclosures, this comes with an anti-tunnel base, so your pets will not escape, and your backyard will remain intact.

Although grass is great for bunnies, it is possible to keep them if you do not have a lawn. You can keep the Eglu on a patio area, but you should provide them with a deep sand box to dig in.

Free Extras with the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

When you buy an Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch you will get these great accessories absolutely free! Not only that, we are so confident you will love everything about the product that we offer a 180-day, no-explanation-needed money-back guarantee.

Hay Rack and Water Bottle

Attaching the hay rack and water bottle to the back panel of the rabbit hutch

A bespoke hay rack which attaches to the Eglu and a 600ml water bottle which slots in.

Stainless-Steel Bowl

Placing the food bowl inside the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

A stainless steel bowl that can be filled with dry food or crunchy vegetables for pets to gnaw on.

Years of Fun

A happy pet bunny in the rabbit run

Bunnies make wonderful pets and the Eglu Go Hutch makes keeping them fun and easy. Happy pets and happy owners all round!

Eglu go rabbit hutch dimensions Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch Specifications

The Eglu Go Hutch is suitable for two medium sized bunnies.


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Polyethylene
Enclosure: Double layer fully coated steel weld mesh

Packaging Dimensions:

House: 29.1in x 16.1in x 31.9in (44.1lbs)

Run: 27.6in x 9.4in x 37.8in (33.1 lbs)

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Eglu Go Hutch is suitable for two medium sized rabbits.

While the strong materials and thought out design makes it extremely hard for predators to get to your pets, no hutch is 100% predator proof. Check the hutch and run regularly to make sure all features are working as intended, including latches, doors and run clips.

If you live in an area with lots of predators, including wild cats, bears, coyotes, possums, as well as smaller animals like minks weasels, and snakes you might want to consider adding additional protection to the run. If you've seen raccoons or other particularly dexterous animals around your yard, it's also a good idea to find a way to secure doors and latches with extra locks to stop them getting to your pets.

While the Eglu Go is made from strong materials that will withstand sharp rabbit teeth, no hutch is completely chew-proof. Provide your rabbits with plenty of hay and chew toys to keep their growing teeth in shape, and make sure they get plenty of exercise and stimulation to minimize the risk of boredom.
Yes, you can buy just the hutch/hide by itself if you already have a run. Do however note that the hutch itself is too small to be the only living space for rabbits, and they should never be kept in with the door closed for longer periods of time
The optional security brackets fasten to the back panel of your Eglu Go, and will make the hutch even safer from predators. This is especially useful if you live somewhere with very dexterous predators like raccoons, or if you don’t want children to be able to open the hutch unsupervised.
If for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it to us for a full refund within 180 days. You will need to dismantle and pack up the hutch, so it's a good idea to keep the original boxes. For your peace of mind Omlet also gives you a 2-year warranty, so please contact us if anything goes wrong and we'll do our best to fix it straight away. Please note the warranty does not cover natural weather, animal and pest damage.
The optional wheels can be used with or without a run, as they are fastened with brackets under the hutch. However, they are most effective when you have a run, as the hutch can then be moved by lifting the run.
If you have an attached run to your hutch or have positioned it in a safe enclosure, you don’t need to close the door to the hutch at night. On very cold and windy nights, or if you think there is a risk predators might be able to get to your pets, you might want to lock the door. If you do so, make sure you let your rabbits out of the hutch as early as possible in the morning.
Yes, the hutch is designed as an all year home, and the insulation will keep your rabbits cosy in winter. In fact, most rabbits are very good at handling colder temperatures and will gradually grow a thicker coat in winter, and moving them in and out is likely to be more harmful. You can help them by adding more hay and straw to the hutch, provide shelter with covers and hides on the run, or add a Extreme Temperature Jacket to the Eglu Go.
Baby rabbits should be kept indoors for at least the first month of their life. Slowly introduce them to the outdoor world during a week or two, starting with 15 minutes and then gradually extending the time every day. This is to make sure their bodies get used to the outdoor temperature, as well as letting their tummies adapt to eating grass.

Got another question?
Please contact our friendly customer services team or call us on 6464341104.

Verified Reviews - Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch

Fab rabbit home - Deborah,

Chose this over a wooden hutch like we have previously had. So much more secure and the rabbit loves the run attached. I also needed to call customer services once after delivery and so helpful.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 1 Mini Lop pets

Saved my rabbit - Valerie,

This house saved my rabbit from a neighborhood dog attack. I'm glad I invested in a solidly built hutch for my kids pet. He is safe because of it.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 1 Dutch pets

Works well for kids who need to move and clean it! - Danielle, Maryland,

This works REALLY well for kids to clean and care for their pets. My son, 11, is able to move the hutch and run on his own, and he moved his rabbit daily. Our rabbit has much more space this way and she loves sitting in the sunshine and eating fresh grass. The hutch is easy to clean and rinse out if needed, but the best part is that we can close the rabbit easily in the run while my son cleans the hutch- no escaping animals! Tip: Do not feed your rabbit in the hutch initially. Feed in the run portion until your rabbit establishes a potty zone inside the run. Once the rabbit has an established spot to use the bathroom, you can do whatever. This will cut down on how much cleaning you need to do by a LOT. Our rabbit doesn't soil the bedding inside the hutch and my son moves the run/hutch daily using the wheels and handles kit. She gets fresh grass, she mows our lawn, and the poop fertilizes the lawn (although I need to rake it out because there's usually piles in one spot in the winter when we aren't mowing). The lock on the back works, but you need to make sure the door is properly in the "hinge" and that the knob is turned. I'm tempted to get a secondary child proofing lock to install to make double sure, but we usually recognize the issue immediately if it's not on properly and fix it.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 1 American Blue Rabbit pets

Great design - Robin, Washington,

Very happy with our new rabbit hutch and run. We live in the PNW and have a fair amount of rain/moisture which can be hard on small wooden features like a rabbit hutch. The material and design check all our boxes for efficiency and safety. Well done! We look forward to expanding on this system in the future.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 1 Silver Fox pets

Christmas present - time will tell... - Tam,

SUMMARY Great product so far, and time will tell. We have 1 female rabbit and bought the 2m run with hutch, tunnel, wheels and handle. We intend to attach the Omlet run to our existing non-Omlet run. OUR RABBIT REQUIREMENTS We live in Canberra, Australia. I wanted a rabbit hutch where our bunny would be safe and not bored. Safe from predators (snakes, foxes and feral cats) and from escaping (our Angora is a committed Houdini!), but also from mosquitoes and from the 40 degree heat in summer and the below zero temps in winter. I think the 2m run + hutch delivers on the predator and escape artistry side of things. I'm not sure it will deliver on keeping her cool during summer though, we'll definitely not be able to leave her in the hutch overnight - she will over heat for sure. I'm absolutely sure she will need to continue to be brought inside before sunset to protect her from disease carrying mosquitoes - something I had hoped we wouldn't need to do. Perhaps there is an opportunity here for Omlet to design wire/aluminium mosquito netting to install to the runs - I'll leave this idea with your design team. This kind of design spec/accessory would certainly add another star to my rating! ASSEMBLY I would recommend watching the assembly videos first before attempting to assemble your rabbit run. The hutch is fairly straight forward with guidance from the paper manual only. The run is more complex and complicated. For example, I didn't watch the video so when it came to adding the end section I found my sides didn't match the bottom so I couldn't install my triangle sections. This meant I had to fix every single side connection to move the bottom section. This meant it took me 2 whole days to assemble! Very frustrating! Had I watched the assembly video first and then used the manual, things would've been so much easier and quicker. DURABILITY With the Australian climate (heat, sun etc.) it will be interesting to see how long the plastic hutch and run connections last before they succumb to brittleness and break down. Lucky for us, we don't really need to worry about rust, but I would think anyone more coastal would need to consider this. Is the wire run made of galvanised wire? It is coated, but is it galvanised? TUNNEL I've yet to assemble and attach the tunnel to our run and existing rabbit enclosure. I have watched the assembly video first this time and glad I did. I was keen to understand how I attached the tunnel to the run and to my existing non-Omlet enclosure. I couldn't find any information about specific parts to purchase to attach the Omlet tunnel to the non-Omlet enclosure, thinking there would be. On watching the video I now realise I have to cut a square in 1 of the Omlet run panels and in my non-Omlet enclosure panels. While this is not a problem, it is quite frustrating the lengths I had to go to to find this information. Had I known/discovered/researched this when first ordering my Omlet hutch, run and tunnel, I probably would have added an extra 2 run panels to my first order! Now I have to either make do or order them separately and be up for double shipping costs. This is quite annoying. It would be a point of difference for you to clearly outline your products are modular and can be adapted easily to pair with non-Omlet products with simple advice on what is needed to help with the adaptions. I have had to look at various images uploaded by other customers to come up with my own design and figure out what parts and accessories I need - some I'll now have to order from Omlet and some I'll have to buy from my local hardware store - perhaps another opportunity for accessories.
Review for: Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with 13ft Run Package - Leaf Green

The reviewer has 1 Long hair Angora rab pets

Omlet Says: Hi Tam and Savannah, Thank you for your detailed feedback. Our runs typically receive a preliminary 'E-coating' followed by a Polyethylene (plastic) powder coating for a durable, anti-corrosive finish. E-Coating involves dipping the metal part into a bath of water-based emulsion. An electrostatic charge is then applied to the part which gradually condenses the paint onto the surface to form a fine, even coating. Powder/Plastic coating is a process where fine polymer particles are sprayed onto the metal part under an electrostatic charge, which attracts the polymer to the metal. The coated part is then oven-cured where the PE powder melts onto the metal, forming a smooth plastic skin once cooled. The easiest way to configure your tunnel to be attached to your own enclosure is by using our configurator on the Zippi Tunnel page of our website. Once you selected the items you wish, all the necessary elements will automatically appear in your basket. Then, the assembly process is explained in the manuals that you receive, and in our instruction videos as well. Nevertheless, your feedback is crucial to us and it has been passed on to the appropriate teams for further review. Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email for any further information. Yours, Omlet Customer Services team

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