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Outdoor Chicken Run Covers

Chicken run covers keep your hens comfortable outside all year round. Our weather protection covers for outdoor runs are designed to keep rain, UV rays, and snow off of your flock so they can enjoy their time outside.





Why your chicken run needs weather protection

It’s important for your chickens to get exercise and fresh air – no matter the season. But while they play in their spacious chicken run, they’ll need protection from the driving rain, intense sunshine, or snow accumulation. A chicken run cover will ensure your flock stays happily safe and dry from the elements. Our weather protection tarps are designed to fit perfectly on our chicken coops and walk-in runs.

Simply attach the outdoor chicken run cover to the frame of your hens’ play space with the included bungee hooks. Since our walk-in chicken runs are customizable and extendable to accommodate your growing flock, chicken run covers can be easily overlapped to ensure a full-coverage fit.

The best chicken run covers for cold & wet weather

Whether it’s cold weather precipitation, or a tropical climate that sees lots of rainfall, a chicken run cover keeps your hens dry. Especially when it comes to keeping your chickens healthy during winter, staying dry is of the utmost importance. Our chicken run covers come in two different varieties: clear and heavy duty. Both designs have a gutter edge that allows them to be overlapped while maintaining a waterproof barrier.

The heavy duty chicken run covers can be used to create windbreaks along the sides of your flock’s outdoor space. Creating dry and wind-free chicken tractors will help keep your hens healthy and happy during the chilly winter months. The clear weather protection cover allows natural light to shine through while shielding your hens from rain or snow.

Chicken run covers for hot & sunny days

Summer may not bring as much rainfall as other seasons, but your chickens still benefit from weather protection. Harmful UV rays take their toll on chickens, as does the heat the sunshine brings. By using our heavy duty chicken run cover, you can quickly and easily create a shaded area of your flock’s pen. Shade will help ensure that your chickens will be able to keep cool and enjoy the warmer weather safely.

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