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Comments for Why Does My Hamster Suddenly 'Freeze'?

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Skyla, 29 March 2020

This recently happened to my hamster. I was having a tough time and picked her up. Then suddenly, she froze. I poked her while I was still in tears. She just pointed her ears to me. I guess she was listening to my sobbing. This used to happen to my former hamster, too. She would also point her ears to me whenever I was sobbing. Then, they would both let me pet and cuddle them. It was very soothing for me.

Ben, 28 March 2020

Too the comment above... if your hamster is 3 years old and acting sick... It’s probably because it is and is literally about to die due to old age because 3 is old AF for a hammy

Opal, 1 March 2020

Well. Can anyone answer this? I have had two other hamsters and have never seen this happen. Basically, me and her will be standing and I'll be petting her. Then, my hamster will freeze and then look at my brother's door. After that, she will jump off me and run under my bed.

Nathan, 22 April 2019

My hamster is pushing on 3 years now and is beginning to get pretty sick or at least it seems that way, we’ve tha Ken him to the vet beffore about a problem with his eye which they could not do anything about and now it has compleatley closed up and he can’t see out of it, but I have another concearn, not only has he got little lumps all over him but also his feet keep on sealing a kind of residue and also whenever I pick him up he doesn’t wake up he just kind of cracks open his eye and stares at me while he has flopped in my hands, then I put him on my knee and it’s like he’s paralysed or something because he just falls over and goes back to sleep, but he can still walk but he will only walk to get food and he has only been eating a tiny amount recently, like I said he is very old but also his hair has started falling out and I don’t know what on earth to do because he’s had a great life with everything that a healthy hamster would need, he hasn’t been kept in a cage, he’s been in a large DIY pen but with loads of safe spots and a good varied diet... please can someone help me because I’m so worried about him

Autumn, 21 March 2019

My hamster keeps on staying in her play tube for a long time I just got it yesterday it's 4 months old I think but I'm worryied

Kemikmorrison, 16 February 2019

My hamster , at night when I check on him, he freezes, and looks curious,when I pick him up he sleeps for abou five to ten minutes on my lap, is this normal, he is four months old, and I have been training him, he responds well. He just seems to sleep an awful lot, normal?he eats, well,and likes his water and treats, Kemikmorrison.

Marissa, 30 December 2018

My hamster is only about 5 months and tonight he made a sound very loud and move then I picked him up and put him on my bed and he frozen and curled up I am still in fear what happened

Jasmine, 22 August 2018

I’m still not sure wether I should go to the vet or not. My hamsters freeze sometimes but they are very reluctant to move they just sit there and I’m worried. It’s not like it’s in the morning so when they would be sleeping it’s normally afternoon or early evening we get them out for some exercise. Lately they just don’t want to run around they just sit and I’m worried about them.

Lee, 13 July 2018

It could also be the result of recently escaping their cage. If your hamster has gotten out of their cage during the night, it's likely they wont be found until another nightfall. But, because hamsters are nervous in unknown places, being surrounded with tall and curious furniture for hours isn't helping. While they were out, they were probably terrified and just in that short amount of time, weeks, or even months later, they can still freeze up or shake at your sudden touch. (which is why it's important to let them hear you before touching them or reaching inside their cage)

Freya, 28 March 2018

Thank you so much for giving this advice. I don't know what I would have done! This is because my hamster keeps freezing and giving me a stare when he is on my carpet. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not so thank you so much. I might still go to the vets though just to double check but I am sure everything is fine. Thank you so much

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