How to manually turn the eggs in your incubator

If you don’t have an automatic turning incubator, you should turn your eggs about 3-5 times per day from the second day onwards. It is important not to forget to turn your eggs and some people remember to do it after every meal.You should not turn your egg after Day 18 which is two - three days before the chick will hatch. This will give the chick time to position itself properly for hatching.

A Brinsea Mini Eco with eggs marks with X's

A Brinsea Mini Eco with eggs marks with X's

If you have marked your egg with an X on one side you can easily tell if you have turned your egg or not. You should remove the lid of the incubator for as little time as possible. However, don’t rush and make sure you turn the egg carefully without jarring them. As you move them around the temperature and humidity of the incubator will drop but it will soon recover its temperature. Interestingly, an unfertilised egg will loose heat rapidly while a fertilised egg will not. This is how a hen know which eggs to throw out of the nest.

Finally, when you turn the eggs manually, you should make sure that you hands are washed to avoid transferring bacteria and oil onto the surface of the egg.

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Alexandria, 11 April 2019

This website was very helpful. Thank you!

Shelly, 30 March 2019

I have an incubator that say it turns eggs but it’s not actually turning them. I took it upon myself to turn them a 1/4 turn & upside down. How have I affected my eggs?

Danielle, 23 January 2019

Hello When it says put the eggs in lockdown on the 18th day do they mean on the day of 18 or is it that night is the last turn and it sits on that side till it hatches? I have eggs that are on there 9th day of incubation and would like to know ahead of time. Thank you

Kai, 13 January 2019

My incubator the eggs have to sit upright in it. It has a manual turn table how do i go about turnning them whats the best method thanks

Dale, 10 September 2016

Stephen you want to turn the eggs a different time each time you turn them and you have to be gentle the forming blood vessels are very fragile. Ken you want the fat end of the egg up and the pointy end down this will keep the air cell in the right positition in the egg and will prevent drowning of the chick if the air cell is damaged. Lara you will want to turn the eggs they need to be on a different side each time you turn this keeps the embryo from sticking to the inner membrane. Jessica the humidity and temp will vary with different incubators the best place to go and ask questions would be backyard or go to another section of this website a lot of people seem to come here. Samwel. We turn the eggs so the embryo doesn't stick to the inner membrane. Hope this helps everyone

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