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Beautiful bed
An Omleteer,
Beautifully made bed. It looks lovely, is really well made and feels amazing. I've bought many cat beds over the years and this one is the best I've ever seen, highly recommended.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Ruby Red
The reviewer has 1 DSH pets
First time lucky
My cat is the fussiest fuss pot out there, and never sleeps on anything except the floor or her choices of chair. But I put the donut cat bed out, and straight away she got on thebed, snuggled down and went to sleep! I can’t believe it!! If that’s not an endorsement then I don’t know what is!
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Fig Purple
The reviewer has 1 Tabby cat pets
Cat won't leave her new bed!
Margo, Berkshire,
Our cat loves this bed so much she's stopped sleeping anywhere else in the house.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Hot Pink
The reviewer has 1 pets
Approved by the rulers of the house!
I bought the plum Maya donut bed and square feet. I assembled it and within minutes it was occupied. Very happy with the product, and delivery was super quick.
Review for: Maya Snowball White Wood - Square
The reviewer has 2-4 Burmese and DSH pets
Kitten approved!
Bought a blue and a red Maya bed for my new kittens, Stella and Figaro and safe to say they both love them! This is a rare occasion when they are not Shari g the one bed 🤣
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Powder Blue
The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic shorthair pets
Perfect bed for foster kittens
All of the little ones we have had in our care this year and currently love these doughnut beds. They are so soft and comfy, they 100% bring comfort to little ones who sleep for hours in them. Just perfect 🐾
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Pistachio Green
The reviewer has 4-6 Rescue foster kitten pets
Donut bed
Laura, Hampshire,
We needed a bed for our kittens and this donut bed is perfect for them. They love sleeping and sitting on it. What more could you ask for.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Mousse Brown
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Stylish and good quality
Since moving back home after a lengthy renovation project our 2x10 year old Asian Burmese pair have opted to sleep on old blankets as instead of the new shop beds we'd bought them. The blankets were hideous but probably smelt of home to them! We did wonder whether they'd reject these new Omlet beds but from the first night they have both curled up as shown. What a success and what beautiful accessories to add to our home! Perfectly matching their tones too X
Review for: Maya® Donut Cat Bed with Round Wood feet
The reviewer has 2-4 Asian Burmese pets
Peas in a pod on a donut
My two boys are happy snoozing on their Maya Donut beds. I bought the Earl grey and because there were times when they would push one another off the bed I had to buy a second bed. Now there are no fights about who gets the Donut bed. Peace has been restored now that there are two.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Earl Grey
The reviewer has 2-4 Lilac and Sable Burm pets
Fantastic cat bed
I have two of the Maya donut cat beds and both my cats love these beds. I had to buy a second bed because both my Burmese cats were trying to use it at the same time.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Pebble Gray
The reviewer has 2-4 Lilac and sable Burm pets
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