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My cat’s favourite new bed.
I had been looking for a cat bed with more padding as my two older cats need the best padded beds available. I bought one to see if they loved their new bed and have had to order a second bed so that less cat fights would occur. This is Lao loving his bed. Great price for a bed that my cats love.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Earl Grey
The reviewer has 2-4 Lilac and sable Burm pets
Cat loves it!
Initially my cat ignored his new bed and then started to knead it but refused to sit on it. After a few weeks though he took the plunge and curled up on it. Now he loves it and happily sleeps there all the time. The bed looks great too and is very soft. The only annoying thing is it was a bit fiddly to put the legs on, but other than that it’s perfect. From my experience I would say if your cat doesn’t use it straight away, be patient as they might come to love it.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Mint Green
The reviewer has 1 Domestic short hair pets
Instant purrs
I bought this for my new kitten and it was an instant hit! As soon as we placed her on the bed she started making biscuits and purring like crazy! Now she chooses it over the sofa and it always helps her feel calm and safe enough to sleep, regardless of what else is going on in the room. Really recommend this bed, it has some sort of special power!
Review for: Maya® Donut Cat Bed with Round Wood feet
The reviewer has 1 Domestic short haire pets
ALL my cats LOVE this bed!!
Jana, Ohio,
I purchased 2 of these during a sale and I just ordered 2 more this evening. I have 4 indoor cats and they all LOVE these beds. They adore them so much, they sleep together all scrunched up. They are super stylish as well. Great design!! Cats APPROVED.
Review for: Maya Snowball White Wood - Square
The reviewer has 4-6 Shorthair pets
Tim, North Carolina,
Well made product.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Mint Green
Perfect cat bed
This is the fifth Omelet bed I bought - I've replaced all of the other cat beds in my home because the cats love them so much. They have beds in nearly every room now. The covers are easy to clean, which is fantastic! Love these beds and highly recommend.
Review for: Maya Donut Cat Bed - Powder Blue
Super comfortable cats!
Leslie, New York,
Cats climbed on immediately and started making biscuits. They love how cushy it is.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Fig Purple
The reviewer has 2-4 Domestic shorthairs pets
Lovely cat bed
Liz, West Midlands,
I bought several of these beds a few weeks ago and they have proved to be a great buy. I ordered a mix of the white and one mouse brown. I wasn't sure how the brown would go with other furnishings so went mainly with the white. The mouse brown is a lovely soft almost pinky brown so is definitely a neutral colour. The Maya beds themselves are fantastic. From the moment I unpacked them they have been used by my gang, even by those who don't usually use the other cat beds. So far I have only put the legs on one as they were settled on before I got chance with the others but they are equally popular with legs or without. One cover I had to wash as one boy was sick on it and it washed wonderfully and dried well on the radiator. I didn't buy for each pet but as they have been so popular and are constantly in use I am considering buying another couple so that they each have one. One boy who likes being outdoors and can be hard to get in at bedtime I notice is coming in earlier and taking himself to bed and has turned into a dirty stop in bed since their arrival.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Mousse Brown
The reviewer has 6-8 Moggies pets
Good Quality
I bought this about a month ago to trial and my cats love it, I would say it more of a cushion than a bed that they can get into, as it is quite flat on top. however I have since purchased another 10 in different colours for my Cattery so they will be very nice for the cats coming to stay with us.
Review for: Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Peacock Green
The reviewer has 10+ pets
Cat Loves it 😻
Julie, VIC,
All I can say is this cat bed is beautiful and so soft and well made. My cat Harper hopped on it the moment I put it down and is still on it 🩷 I say she definitely loves it as she’s been on it for awhile now. Thank you so much from Harper & I 🥰
Review for: Maya Snowball White Wood - Square
The reviewer has 1 Domestic cat pets
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