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Verified Reviews for Eglu Spares & Accessories

Best invention ever!
They hold everything very securely and I Han even use on hard ground by hand without needing the attachment. Works great to stop the bird table falling over as well
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
The reviewer has 4-6 Guinea pigs pets
Love it! 🐔
Got the largest one to add so my chickens cooks explore more annd expanded it into our wooded area easy setting up and I love the gate feature!!! I wish I could post more photos but it will only upload 1.. Great product!!!
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5
The reviewer has 8-10 Variety pets
Easy to use
Really easy to use and handy to keep the coop securely in place and safe from any animals trying to get in.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
The reviewer has 2-4 Sussex and Cochin pets
Eglu run handles
They are great. The handles help move the coop with ease.
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
Martin, Utah,
I ordered this product after finding out a close neighbor lost some hens to raccoons, not a bad price. These were so easy to fit to the door and I feel pretty confident these will work, two points tho, I do believe these should be standard with the cube, it wouldn’t make a huge difference to the price. I would also like to see one designed for the other Omlet coops. Rating it a five, for ease and hopefully peace of mind.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop Door Handle Lock - Twin Pack
The reviewer has 10+ pets
Much easier to move
I bought these handles about a month ago and they help quite a bit. Moving the coop without them is possible, but much easier with the handles. I am glad I bought them.
Review for: Eglu Run Handles
The reviewer has 4-6 Mixture of Isa brown pets
Excellent idea, very sturdy
I bought these recently to secure the side of our Cube run and walk in cage as we have a real fox problem :( They are very sturdy and keep the skirt of the run an cage really secure.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
The reviewer has 8-10 pets
Omlet screw pegs
Leah, Pennsylvania,
Good, I need a lot more of them though to go around our 12 foot run off of our eglu cube.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
The reviewer has 4-6 Chickens pets
Easy Peasy
Excellent! Easy in and easy out.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
Chickens and me happier
I don’t have to bend to clean them and it stays cleaner. They are laying more!
Review for: Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder
The reviewer has 2-4 Random chickens pets
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