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The Omlet Chicken Perch

The Omlet Chicken Perch is a simple and quick way to enhance your chickens outdoor run with a fun and weather resistant accessory.

Choose Your The Omlet Chicken Perch

A black and white chicken perched on a wooden perch
Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft
Double chicken perch
Omlet Chicken Perch - 6ft
2 chickens perching and admiring the view 2 Miss Pepperpots roosting on a perch

Your birds love to perch and not just in their house at night. During the day you've probably noticed that they will happily hop onto a wheelbarrow handle, the back of a chair or even on the edge of flower pot. It’s an instinct that comes from the very earliest chickens that lived in forests and today's domestic hens still have a natural desire to perch from the highest available point.

The perch attached to weldmesh and chicken wire The perch can be attached to any sort of wire

Whether you have an Eglu Chicken Coop, Walk in Run or a DIY chicken coop… the Omlet Chicken Perch will fit them all. This innovative perch for chickens has a special connector which clamps around any chicken wire or chicken mesh leaving a secure and very neat looking finish. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can add a perch to your chicken run that your hens will use every day.

The single perch fits directly across the Eglu Cube, Eglu Go UP, Eglu Go and the Eglu Classic. The double perch fits across an Eglu Cube MK1 (pre September 2016) and a 2x2 Walk in Run.

It can be used as an outdoor chicken perch or indoor perch for chickens.
Extending a chicken perch Extending a perch with a connector

If you require a longer perch then you can simply attach two bars together using the strong, rust free aluminium perch connector supplied with the 6ft chicken perch. We don’t recommend extending beyond 2m unless you provide your own additional support to the perch. You can shorten the perch by sawing it to the correct length. The perch connector and end caps neatly cover any cut surfaces.

Omlet perches can be attached directly to wooden coops You can easily attach a perch to a wooden coop

You can install the Chicken Perch inside any wooden chicken coop so that your hens may use it for roosting at night. Simply screw the perch into the wooden walls of your coop using the attachments provided and your chickens will have a brand new sturdy roosting bar to enjoy. Self tapping wood screws are supplied with the Chicken Perch for ease of assembly, so wherever you decide to position yours you can be sure it will be quick and simple to attach.

Chicken perch attached across the corner of a run The perch can be attached across the corner of your run

The hinges allow the Chicken Perch to be connected either from one side of a run to the other or at an angle across the corner of a run, giving you the flexibility you need to make the most of the space within your chicken setup.

Your chickens will love having a perch in their run and you can even add several at different heights to give your flock a choice of perches. Whilst it might not seem like an obvious activity, a static perch is actually one of the best additions you can make to your chickens run. And if you have a big flock of chickens, you can add several perches in different locations. Easy to fit and your hens will love it, order your Omlet Chicken Perch today!

The perch is made from eucalyptus, a naturally hard material The perch is made from eucalyptus, a naturally hard material
Made from naturally weather resistant eucalyptus, the perch is a comfortable size for bantams as well as large breeds of chickens to grip. Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole, this is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. It comes untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain.

Chicken Perch - Single
Length (assembled): Approx. 3ft
Diameter: 1.3in

Packaging Dimensions: 37.8in x 5.5in x 4.3in

Chicken Perch - Double
Length (assembled): Approx. 6ft
Diameter: 1.3in

Packaging Dimensions: 37.8in x 6.7in x 4.3in

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood you might find some splitting along the length of the pole. This is part of the wood’s characteristics and won’t weaken your perch.
The perch comes untreated, but due to the high-quality material it can be used straight out of the box. If you want to treat it, please make sure you use a varnish or paint that is safe for animals.
The 3 ft. perch fits perfectly on the Eglu Cube Mk2, Eglu Go UP and Eglu Go runs. If you have an Eglu Cube Mk1 run, you will need to get the 6 ft. perch and either cut it to the correct length or position it at an angle.
There is no solution for fitting your perch inside an Eglu. The roosting bars inside the coop will provide your flock with the perching opportunities they need while sleeping.
That depends slightly on how big the chickens are, but the 3 ft. perch will comfortably fit 4 medium sized hens.
If the two lengths provided don’t fit your run you can shorten the perch by sawing it at the correct length. Or if you require a longer perch you can attach two bars together using the strong, rust free aluminum perch connector supplied with the longer perch. We do however not recommend extending beyond 6 ft. unless you provide additional support in the middle of the perch.

Got another question?
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Verified Reviews - The Omlet Chicken Perch

Great addition to our run - Nina, CAMBRIDGESHIRE,

Our birds took to this perch immediately. It gives them an alternative perspective whilst they are restricted to the covered run.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft

The reviewer has 2-4 Pekin bantam pets

Girls love it - Raymond,

Took a while for the girls to get used to the perch but once they discovered what it was for the are never off it . Great product
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft

The reviewer has 10+ Rescue hens pets

So far so good - Raymond, Stirlingshire,

Received our chicken perch yesterday and put it in the girls shed this morning . Our girls seem to like it with Pip perching for a fair length of time. Waiting on the other girls to catch on
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch - 6ft

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Sturdy - Michelle,

My girls love this sturdy perch.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Flourishing Flock Finally - Angella,

Our 4 hens are loving their safe, warm coop with 9 ft run. We bought a heated automatic chicken waterer that is such a relief to not have to go out in the cold to break the water first thing in the a.m. After we first bought them, our chickens each got a raspy cough/sneeze. We used VetRx and antibiotic but 1 hen died, sadly. We got a replacement. She got hen pecked for almost 2 weeks, by the hen who got hen pecked by the other 3 originals. Then they all settled down. But the new hen ended up with a "pasty or yucky butt". So after a while, we figured this was a thing and looked it up. We cut the dried poo off and thouroughly cleansed the hen's vent area with warm soapy dawn dish water from a spray bottle, rinsed with warm water from another spray bottle, and blow dried her off before putting her back in the coop. She had stopped laying for about 2 weeks. We anticipate her laying again soon. This is a learning experience and I'm glad we have 4 healthy, happy hens now with almost 4 eggs a day. The Omlet is so secure and warm for them. We did have a cat lunging at the hens and so added a roll of chicken wire around the coop for a little extra distance for cat paws. I run them off with loud clapping when I can catch them lurking around. We found we did not need the light to notify the hens that the door would be shutting. They would go up the ladder when the normal light of day was getting dim. Then when they were in the coop the light would come on. They would get confused and sometimes go back down the ladder. We ended up disconnecting the light and setting the door to close at the latest programmable time. Now it seems to be working perfectly! Love the coop, heated auto-waterer (bought separately) and our 4 happy hens! Also, we do move it around every so often. It rained for a few days and we tossed in some hay so they would not have to walk around in the mud. There was grass before, but not anymore. Mud. So hay is good to keep on hand. It was like rolling out carpet. Their little feet got a break from the mush. They even sat on it to rest during the day. We also stuck a rod through the coop for them to roost on during the day. They do like to get up high. We keep a few folding chairs around the coop to set and watch them if the weather allows. They like some meal worm snacks too. We gave them a little plain yogurt topped with meal worms for the probiotics. This was an idea I found online for chickens with "pasty or yucky butt". Good for the tummy. They really liked it too.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Perch - 3ft

The reviewer has 2-4 2 Cinnamon Queens, 1 pets

Customer Images - The Omlet Chicken Perch - 29 of 130

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