Fido Classic - Easy Folding, Twin Door Metal Dog Crate

If you want a crate that's secure, can go in the car as well as in your home and is super quick to put up then the Fido Classic is the crate for you. Adult dogs will love having a space that’s theirs to relax in, while it’s an invaluable housetraining aid for puppies. Available in 24, 30 and 36inch sizes, if buying for a puppy simply choose the right size for the adult dog.

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Fido Classic Dog Bed 24" - Grey
Fido Classic Dog Bed 24" - Grey
Fido Classic Dog Bed 30" - Grey
Fido Classic Dog Bed 30" - Grey
Fido Classic Dog Bed 36" - Grey
Fido Classic Dog Bed 36" - Grey
Fido Classic Dog Crate 24" (071.0024)
Fido Classic Dog Crate 24" (071.0024)
Fido Classic Crate 30"
Fido Classic Crate 30"
Fido Classic Crate 36"
Fido Classic Crate 36"
2 doors makes the Fido Classic easy to access

The Omlet Fido Classic dog crate has a door on the long side and the short side. This makes accessing the crate easy and you can arrange the crate in your home so that it fits in perfectly. For instance if you have a narrow space you can slide the crate in and use the door on the short end.

This high quality dog crate is made from heavy duty welded steel wire with a neat black epoxy coating that will look good for years to come. Each door has two slide-bolt latches that lock when you fold them all the way down. Once your puppy is completely relaxed in it’s crate you can leave the house for a short length of time, for example if you are popping to the shops, knowing that your house will not get chewed to bits! See Omlet’s dog guide for more advice on using a crate.

Fido Classic is easy to fold up for storage Fido Classic is easy to fold up for storage.

Your Fido Classic dog crate will arrive fully assembled. You won’t need any tools to set it up. In a few simple movements, and as if by magic, the product unfolds to create a sturdy crate. If you need to move it, it has a handle on the top so lifting is easy (less easy if the dog is inside!) and if you want to store the crate, it folds down flat again in just a few seconds. When folded a metal loop clips around to secure it and the handle can be used to carry it like a suitcase.

2 doors makes the Fido Classic easy to access

For car journeys a dog crate is essential. It secures your dog safely in the boot of your car and protects them from movements on the journey, it also means they can’t change the radio station. Check the dimensions of the crate to make sure it will fit in your boot with the door closed. You should use a dog bed and place your dogs favourite toy in the crate.

Every size of Fido Classic has an optional fitted bed Every size of Fido Classic has an optional fitted bed.

An optional extra but well worth it, this excellent value bed has been tailored to fit the Fido Classic perfectly. Naturally it has a removable cover and is machine washable for convenience. Unusually for a bed at this price it’s extra deep filled and has a very smart contrasting cream piped edge, the kind of finishing touch you might find in a Rolls Royce for much more money.

Plastic Tray

The Fido Classic comes with a plastic tray that will catch little spills and accidents that can happen with excitable puppies! It’s also useful for older dogs and simply slides out of the crate for easy clean-ups!. The Omlet tray comes in a distinctive dark grey with a subtle non slip textured pattern and the Omlet logo embossed in the centre.


Tray locked - the tray can never accidentally be removed

Fido classic with trya unlocked

Tray unlocked - Push the lock loop in and down

Sliding the tray out of the Fido Classic

Slide out tray - Slide out tray for easy cleaning .

Diagram showing dimensions of Fido Classic. Fido Classic 24, 30 and 36 Dimensions

The Fido Classic is currently available in a 24inch, 30inch and 36inch size, to suit small to medium breeds. Breeds up to 11kg / 25lbs such as the Lhasa Apso, Yorkshire Terrier, Chiuaua, Pug and Pomerianian are all suitable for the Fido 24.
Breeds up to 20kg can use the Fido Classic 30 inch crate and the Fido 36 will provide ideal accomodation for dogs up to 32kg / 70lbs including, Spaniels, Whippets, and Bulldogs.

Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate Dimensions:
Length 61cm/24in,
Depth 45cm/19in,
Height 51cm/20in
Weight 5.5 Kg

Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate Packaging Dimensions:
63cm x 47.5cm x 10cm (6.1kg)

Fido Classic 30 Dog Crate Dimensions:
Length 77cm/30in,
Depth 48cm/19in,
Height 56cm/22in
Weight 6.9 Kg

Fido Studio 30 Dog Crate Packaging Dimensions:
79.5cm x 51cm x 10.5cm (7.55kg)

Fido Classic 36 Dog Crate Dimensions:
Length 92cm/36in,
Depth 58cm/23in,
Height 65cm/25in
Weight 9.3 Kg

Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate Packaging Dimensions:
95cm x 61cm x 9cm (10.3kg)

Housetraining a puppy with a Fido Classic Housetraining a puppy with a Fido Classic

Breeders and dog professionals agree that crate training is the quickest and most effective method of housetraining a puppy. Using a crate gives your dog's its own home within your home and as such you can quickly teach it where to go to the toilet. Once trained your puppy or adult dog will simply see the Fido Classic dog crate as their space that they can go to when they want to get some rest and relaxation.

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Well made - Humphris,

Very pleased when I collected the omelet dog crate. Friendly and helpful staff.

Great quality & build - Gemma,

Item arrived swiftly. It works really well & we have the matching Fido cushion that fits perfectly. Would definitely recommend this cage.

Absolutely fab! - Yvonne, West Midlands,

We’ve bought this for our new sprocket puppy. He arrived today at 8.5weeks old and is already settled into it and loves it. Great design, sturdy and easy for the little one to get in and out of. Another great Omlet item.

happy puppy - Gillian,

happy puppy equals happy owner. My puppy absolutely loves his bed I have no problems when it is bedtime!

Good solid crate - Pamela,

Easy to assemble, carry when folded, and clean. Good size for my 10 kg cockapoo who loves to stretch out in it. The only thing I would improve, would be to have options on which side and opening for doors. I would happily have paid more for that option. Good crate, would highly recommend

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