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Dog Products

Give your dog sleep they've always dreamt of with Omlet's easy to clean luxury dog beds, train your puppy with the modern Fido Dog Crate Range and treat your pup with some new toys, treats and accessories.

Dog Guide

The Omlet dog guide covers everything you need to know about looking after your dog. Use it to help you find your ideal dog breed and learn how to make him feel like a member of the family. There’s lots to discover from crate training to removing ticks and from choosing the right dog breed to controlling barking.

Dog Breeds

With an amazing 200 dog breeds in the world, and lots more crossbreeds and lovable mutts besides, choosing the right dog can be tricky. Our dog directory makes it a little easier, with overviews of the most popular breeds, descriptions of typical traits and characteristics, and notes on each breed's origins and the jobs they were first bred for.