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Bird Products

Omlet has got a brilliant range of products for parakeets and other small birds, including the revolutionary Geo Bird Cage with a great range of beautiful cage accessories. Here you will also find bird food, feeders and cage accessories that will keep your birds happy and healthy.

Finch and Canary Guide

This complete guide tells you everything you need to know about keeping canaries and zebra finches, along with many other popular pet finch species. From choosing a bird, setting up the cage and selecting the right food, to breeding, showing and keeping the birds happy and healthy, this is both an ideal introduction to the subject and a handy guide for the most experienced finch enthusiast.

Guide To Keeping Parakeets

Our comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know about looking after parakeets – the most popular pet bird in the world. From setting up a cage and choosing the right food, to training your birds and keeping them happy and healthy, it’s both an ideal introduction to parakeet keeping and a handy reference for the experienced bird-keeper.

Parrot Guide

This guide is for anyone who keeps parrots, and everyone considering bringing one of these amazing birds into their home. It covers all sizes of commonly kept species, from dainty Parrotlets and boisterous Cockatiels to super-intelligent African Greys and huge Macaws. It shows you how to house, feed, train and entertain your pets, and offers invaluable tips on how to ensure your parrots lead a long, fulfilled, and stress-free life.

Worm Composting Guide

In the words of the great Charles Darwin, who devoted years to studying the earthworm. "It may be doubted whether there are many other animals in the world which have played so important a part in the history of the world.". This guide will teach you everything you need to know about these wonderful creatures.

Goose Breeds

Search through our incredibly useful a-z Goose directory to discover an interesting selection of Goose breeds, from the Sebastopol with it’s scruffy white feathers to the American Buff with it’s wonderful bright orange bill, legs and feet.

Parrot Breeds

Parrots are magnificent birds with a huge variety of coloured feather patterns. You can find small parrot breeds that suit a family lifestyle or just waste a few minutes browsing the wonderful parrot images. You can discover incredible parrot breeds… from colourful Macaws to intelligent Cockatiel and Cockatoo with fantastic feather arrangements.

Pigeons and Doves

There are over 300 species of pigeon in the world, and several are kept as pets. The most popular is the Rock Dove, which has been bred into an incredible diversity of ‘Fancy Pigeon’ varieties – more than 500 in Europe alone. Here, we look at some of the commoner species found the UK, whether in the wild or in aviaries.