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Omlet Cooling Mat for Cats

Cat cooling mats provide a refreshing surface for pets to relax on in the hot summer months. With self-cooling gel and memory foam, your cat will be comfy as well as cool.



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Keep Your Cat Cool for Up to 3 Hours

Omlet’s cat cooling mat is made from non-toxic gel that is self-cooling. With no need for electricity, refrigeration, or freezing, our cooling mat absorbed body heat from your cat, keeping them cool for up to 3 hours. The cat cooling mat is made up of cells that stops the cooling gel from spreading out away from where your pet is lying. Ensuring they experience the full benefits of this wonderful cat product. As you only need the mat to keep your cat at a comfy temperature, it is easily portable so you can move it from their outdoor cat enclosure to inside with ease, and even take it away if you bring your cat on holiday.

Ultra Comfy Cooling Mat for Cats

Not only do our cat cooling mats provide a cool surface for your pet to lie on, they also have a layer of deluxe memory foam. The memory foam is designed to soothe your feline friend. You can either place the cooling mat for cats directly on the floor, or pop it in their cat bed. It fits perfectly in the Omlet Bolster Cat Beds, being snug underneath the bolsters.

Easy to Clean Cat Cooling Mat

It’s important to keep your cat, its toys, and bed clean. The cat cooling mat is designed to be clean and hygienic. Its smooth surfaces can be easily wiped with pet-safe disinfectant, as well as vacuuming to remove pet hair and dust.

Pet-Proof, Rip-Resistant, & Waterproof

Pets love to scratch and bite things, which is why we’ve made out cat cooling mats pet-proof! They are rip-resistant and waterproof, in addition to being non-toxic. These features guarantee use both indoors and outdoors, as well as ensuring longevity for future summers.

Stylish Mats for Your Home

Your cat’s cooling mat has to live in your home, and so you want it to effortlessly fit into your decor. With a double-sided design you’ll be able to choose between a simple and subtle pale cream on one side, or a sophisticated light gray on the other side.

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