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Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

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The Freestyle Cat Tree from Omlet is a strong floor to ceiling cat play system that can be customized to suit your cats and your home. Choose from a wide range of fun, practical and durable accessories to create a cat tree system that encourages your pets to live out their natural instincts to scratch, jump, climb and play.

This explorer kit is perfect for adventurous cats who love to jump, climb, scratch and also appreciate a good cat nap, designed for ceiling heights between 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

Customize The Explorer Kit in our fun configurator or find out more about the Freestyle Cat Tree here.

Customer Images

New cat, new trees.
Cats climbing for the first time
Room divider
My amusement park
Magnus Tree
Cats love it
Santa and Noodle in the Hammock together
A cat resting on the platform of his indoor cat tree
The hammock is a big hit with all
12 hours after installation and already a firm favourite
Two's company
Prince leo
Cats on indoor Freestyle by rachel stanbury
Cat looking out of hammock by rachel stanbury
Cat peeking through hammock by rachel stanbury
Cats sharing Freestyle platform on indoor cat tree by rachel stanbury
They love it!
Easy to assemble and very design in my interior.
A cat on the shelf of his indoor cat tree
A white cat on a shelf of his indoor cat tree
A white cat standing on of of the shelves of his cat tree
Two cats sleeping on their indoor cat tree
Two cats on their cat tree
Grey cat sitting on a shelf of his indoor cat tree
A cat tree setup in a room

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Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.

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This is fantastic
Carolina, North Carolina,
We love this....setup took some time because of all the parts involved but it was not difficult. The most difficult part was finding the perfect configuration for our needs. Stormi, our rescue, was extremely cautious. Thankfully we were fostering 4 kittens who didn’t share in her hesitation. As you can see, they took to it. We did have to take the top of the den off because the kittens thought they should play on top of it and since it was the highest point on the tower, we thought we should err on the side of caution. If you are on the fence about this, I say go for it. We enjoy watching the cats on it. The hammock is a big hit and it wonderful to watch the cardboard being utilized. Stormi preferred to scratch up my area rugs, which was expensive.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.
Excellent quality
Had this a while now and keep adding extras for my 2 cats. The quality is superb and worth the price. The cats love it, whether they are sleeping, climbing, hiding or just being crazy. The hammocks are the favourites, I had to get them one each to avoid any arguments.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.
Our kittens love it!
Maria, Suffolk,
We bought this for our new kittens in the hope that it would save our furniture and curtains - and so far so good. The kittens absolutely love it and we love watching them on it. Fairly easy to put together though it does take time! All worth it.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.
We have two ‘indoor’ cats, built them a huge outdoor ‘catio’ but they hardly use it in the winter so got em this indoor jungle gym for cats! Had two normal cat trees and they liked them - but this is another level….literally. Because the poles are so so much more versatile than a standard cat tree you can have them anywhere without getting in the humans way. Just cant speak highly enough of this product everything from the help ordering to the actual online videos helping with assembly are just 10/10. Thanks rosie and the rest if the gang. Matt.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.
Quality Product and very customisable
First the bad's expensive, and it takes a few weeks to get to you. Good stuff? Loads. The price buys quality, excellent quality, everything has been well thought out at the design phase and is manufactured with high quality components and finished to a very nice level. I went for a custom 3 pole system with loads of attachments and it took me a whole day to assemble...but the effort was worth it. Only completed it yesterday, Cats are a little wit wary at the moment because it's new, but one has been up already (the greedy one, she saw me place some food at the top!) and once the younger one takes the plunge I know she'll be all over it going forward. Highly recommended if you have the space and the funds.
Review for: Freestyle - The Explorer Kit - 7 ft to 8 ft. 6.3 in.
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