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Beekeeping Taster Course

The Omlet bee family are going to start keeping bees this year; today John and Isobel are going on the first session of their beekeeping course. They get to put on a beesuit (John puts on some very fetching marigolds) before they go through some bees with expert bee keeper Viktor Zaichenko. They learn lots about the way bees work, how to recognise the different members of the colony and the types of things a beekeeper has to do.

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A good way to find out if you would like to start beekeeping is to go on a beekeeping taster course. You can get to talk to an expert beekeeper and spent some time handling and being around bees. There is no substitute for looking inside a colony to discover if beekeeping is for you. This first starter course will not teach you everything you need to know but it will give you the encouragement to learn more. You can find more information about Beekeeping Courses near you


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