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Awesome and adorable -

I have one Abyssinian Guinea pig she is 3 months old she’s super kind and friendly the only reason I can’t give her a 5 star on hardiness is that I have not taken her to the vet




I love my two Abby's they both come running as soon as I walk in the room!

I love my Abyssinian guinea pig ❤️ -

I have one of these little trouble makers and trust me she can become a little rude sometimes. But overall she is the best little fuzz ball and gives nibbles and kisses (nibbles is where a guinea pig will nibble on your finger or hand but not as hard as a bite). If you want one, go for it! They are the most precious(and cutest) with their little “Mohawk” fuzz spike on their nose. My lil’ monster just LOVES tomatoes and all the rest of her fruits and veggies (like her carrot and celery stick). If you want a little wild child guinea pig, thenthis is the baby piggy for you.

Amazing and interactive Piggies! -

I own an abyssinian atm and they are wonderful! he is so friendly, and vocal and he is amazing ;) He has a beautiful black and white coat and is super clean boy! I have had 2 others and they were the same, very hardy outdoors too! They are adventureous and playful as well as shy sometimes! But mostly outgoing and food driven lil guys XD Definitely recommend them for anyone x


Love these pigs so cute and friendly

Abyssinian -

when piggies have a good diet they dont need vmitian supplements. if you use drops etc in the water or food they may nt eat/drink it as it changes the flavour you also cant tell if the piggies is getting enough, if you feed a slice of green bell pepper (no stems or seeds) a piece of brocolli or some corriander along with 2 or 3 other types of veggies the piggy will get enough vmitian c. also some shops will tyr and sell you mineral and or salt block piggies dont need these either. please get 2 piggies they are social creatures and should be kept in same sex pairs.


abyssinian are beautiful and friendly but are very shy natoured animals.It just so happen's that i have my very own abyssinan also a sheltie howerer many people are atrackted to my abysssinian.We show them 5 times a year 2 are very big ones.we have are first show of the season in two weeks we win a lot whith are abyssinain the judjes and normal people love him say hes the star of the show stays still when photos are taken all in all great breed

A brilliant breed of guinea pig -

Guinea pig breeds are mainly about appearance and coat so the friendlyness of guinea pigs is usually what you make it and so should not vary in accordance to breed. I personally think that this breed is very pretty and their extra thick coat is useful if they need to keep warm. It is well known that it is tricky to get a "perfect" one and I think that even the mixed breed versions of this breed can be very charming and have their own unique personalities and quirks as well as their own likes and dislikes, especially in food.

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