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I have 2 of these pigs! there babys! looking to get rid of them, love them, but i have 9 pigs, currently want all girls. i have 3 boys left. - Dominic,

there friendly, cute, safe, some what easy to clean, feed, you just need the time and effort to put in there life.

This is a pawsome pet - Angel,

I have 3 and there alsome and they are so nice to my dogs.

Awesome and adorable - Ayden,

I have one Abyssinian Guinea pig she is 3 months old she’s super kind and friendly the only reason I can’t give her a 5 star on hardiness is that I have not taken her to the vet

- Taylor,

I love my two Abby's they both come running as soon as I walk in the room!

I love my Abyssinian guinea pig ❤️ - Charlie,

I have one of these little trouble makers and trust me she can become a little rude sometimes. But overall she is the best little fuzz ball and gives nibbles and kisses (nibbles is where a guinea pig will nibble on your finger or hand but not as hard as a bite). If you want one, go for it! They are the most precious(and cutest) with their little “Mohawk” fuzz spike on their nose. My lil’ monster just LOVES tomatoes and all the rest of her fruits and veggies (like her carrot and celery stick). If you want a little wild child guinea pig, thenthis is the baby piggy for you.

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