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Sheltie Guinea Pigs

A silky guinea pig with incredible long dark fur A beautiful little silky guinea pig, also known as a sheltie A close up of a silky guinea pig's beautiful little pink nose Two silky guinea pigs with beautiful long soft fur Two lovely little silky guinea pigs lying together

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Sheltie Behaviour

If a Sheltie is kept as a pet it is best to trim the long hair around the rear end, to prevent soiling and matting. If the Sheltie is kept for showing, then its hair can be kept clean and tidy in wrappers. If Shelties are kept as a group they must be given plenty of hay to eat, as boredom may lead to barbering, a condition where they bite and chew each others coats.

Sheltie Varieties

The Sheltie is a long-haired variety of guinea pig, but their coat is not as dense as a Peruvians and their face is not covered with a fringe. In the early 1970s the breed was developed by crossing Peruvians with Self (smooth) Blacks. In the US Shelties are known as Silkies.

Sheltie Status

Fairly common

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Sheltie - Amber,

I have a Sheltie called Bobbles and she is really friendly. The only hard bit about keeping a Sheltie is to always make sure you keep their hair tidy! If your Sheltie is just a pet then keep its hair trimmed if its for showing don't trim the hair. Hope this helps! Xxxxxxx :P

Shelties are sweethearts! - Claire,

Bethany, my sheltie, is the sweetest natured pig. She's shy and quiet, but she absolutely adores me and will chatter away to me. She is definitely my healthiest pig, and I have 7, all of different breeds! I do adore shelties and find them very calming. Make sure you keep on grooming your Sheltie or they get very damp and matted and the urine will burn their skin.