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Welcome to the Omlet Breeds Directory. There is lots of information about the various breeds of all kinds of pets, including history, behavour, health conditions and much more.

Cat Breeds

There are big ones, little ones, hypoallergenic ones, cuddly ones, independent ones - the cat you choose will depend on where you live, and whether you want a coach potato or something a bit more 'wild'. Our cat breed directory will help you pinpoint the perfect puss. Amongst other things, it tells you each breed's weight, size, child-friendliness, and grooming requirements.

Chicken Breeds

Can you spot a Brahma at 50 paces or do you know where the Araucana chicken comes from? You can learn about a wonderful selection of chickens with our comprehensive breed directory.

Dog Breeds

With an amazing 200 dog breeds in the world, and lots more crossbreeds and lovable mutts besides, choosing the right dog can be tricky. Our dog directory makes it a little easier, with overviews of the most popular breeds, descriptions of typical traits and characteristics, and notes on each breed's origins and the jobs they were first bred for.

Duck Breeds

Quackers about ducks then you are in the right place to find who the Aylesbury duckers are and which duck lays black eggs. It's all here in our splendid Duck directory.

Goose Breeds

Search through our incredibly useful a-z Goose directory to discover an interesting selection of Goose breeds, from the Sebastopol with it’s scruffy white feathers to the American Buff with it’s wonderful bright orange bill, legs and feet.

Guinea Pig Breeds

There are hundreds of breeds of guinea pigs, but in our concise guinea pig directory you can read and see pictures of the most popular breeds - including the fabulously hairy Peruvian to the glossy coated Self.

Parrot Breeds

Parrots are magnificent birds with a huge variety of coloured feather patterns. You can find small parrot breeds that suit a family lifestyle or just waste a few minutes browsing the wonderful parrot images. You can discover incredible parrot breeds… from colourful Macaws to intelligent Cockatiel and Cockatoo with fantastic feather arrangements.

Pigeons and Doves

There are over 300 species of pigeon in the world, and several are kept as pets. The most popular is the Rock Dove, which has been bred into an incredible diversity of ‘Fancy Pigeon’ varieties – more than 500 in Europe alone. Here, we look at some of the commoner species found the UK, whether in the wild or in aviaries.

Rabbit Breeds

The rabbit world is has some facinating breeds from the delightfully fluffy Angora to the smooth and velvety rex. Take a few minutes to look through.