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Hen Houses

Whether it’s a penthouse suite or a modest loft, every hen needs a house, and we have a house for every hen. The Eglu Go hen house is perfect for hens that prefer sleeping on the ground, while the Eglu Go Up and Eglu Cube give height to those seeking elevation at night. And with customizable and extendable runs to attach, you can keep renovating your hen house to adapt to your flock’s needs.

1453 reviews
Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with Run
380 reviews
Eglu Go Up Raised Chicken Coop with Run
419 reviews
eglu go portable chicken coop with run

Why buy a hen house designed by Omlet

Sleek design, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and complete with a home warranty – your Omlet hen house will be the talk of the town! We’ve invented hen houses to suit beginner chicken keepers right up to established flock raisers, all with the potential to expand and adapt into the future. With a strong foundation of an Omlet hen house, your flock will enjoy life in an Eglu for generations to come!