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Plastic Chicken Coops

Omlet’s plastic chicken coops stand out in the world of hen houses. They are expertly engineered and designed to provide superior insulation and protection for your flock. Our strong plastic coops minimize the amount of time needed for cleaning with our easy to clean, zero maintenance coops.
Eglu pro extra large chicken coop for up to 15 hens
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Eglu Cube large chicken coop for up to 10 hens
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Eglu Go Up chicken coop by Omlet
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Eglu Go chicken coop by Omlet
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A plastic chicken coop for every flock

Whether you’re new to keeping chickens, or are a seasoned flock raiser, there’s an Omlet chicken coop suitable for every stage of your journey. Our modular designs make our plastic chicken coops the perfect choice for any backyard chicken keeper.

Available in 4 sizes, each coop comes complete with:

  • Convenient access panels
  • Unique coop door closing mechanisms
  • Ingenious safety methods

We advise you to check the zoning laws and ordinances of your state before purchasing any chickens or growing your flock.

3 reasons to buy a plastic chicken coop from Omlet

  1. Large chicken coops comfortably house flocks of 10 to 15 small breed chickens
  2. Mobile chicken coops are ideal for smaller yards or flocks, or for areas that regularly experience severe weather events
  3. Hen houses without attached runs offer additional roosting space or nesting areas for larger flocks.

Create the ultimate home for your chickens

Chicken keeping is a unique experience for everyone. Based on our experience we have laid down the foundation for successful flock raising.

  • Our plastic chicken coops are easily customizable to your chicken keeping experience, with the addition of a chicken run or Smart Automatic Chicken Coop Door
  • The attached run, along with all of our chicken runs, are equipped with anti-dig skirting to help deter predators from tunneling in
  • Enhance the insulating effects with the addition of chicken coop weather protection products

The perfect insulated chicken coop

Our Eglu plastic coops are designed with your chickens' health in mind. Similar to double glazing, the twin wall insulation found in the design of the plastic house creates a barrier between the cold air outside the coop, and the air inside. This means their home stays at a consistent temperature whatever the weather is doing outside.

How to Assemble the Omlet plastic chicken coop

Assembling your plastic chicken coop is easy. Our step-by-step videos created in real time by one of our expert installers are the ideal coop building tutorial.

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level

At Omlet, we continuously look for solutions to chicken keeping questions. The craftsmanship found in our plastic chicken coops is a culmination of our findings, and the results are extraordinary. Enjoy backyard chicken keeping the Omlet way. Stress-free, in any space and with any level of experience.