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Mobile Chicken Coops

Let your chickens take their home with them wherever they go with our expertly crafted mobile chicken coops. We may not have reinvented the wheel, but we did invent a chicken coop with wheels so that you can easily relocate your flock whenever the need arises– without assistance. There’s no need to lay down permanent roots when relocating your mobile chicken coop is this easy!

1453 reviews
Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with Run
380 reviews
Eglu Go Up Raised Chicken Coop with Run
419 reviews
eglu go portable chicken coop with run

Why buy a mobile chicken coop designed by Omlet

We realize that seasonal changes, personal preference, and practical necessity all drive the desire to relocate your chickens’ coop. We took the pressure off of the idea of permanence and the strain off of your back by inventing a coop that can be easily moved as often as flock-keepers like. Discover the ease of chicken ownership when you experience the flexibility of having a mobile chicken coop.