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Verified Reviews for The Chicken Swing

The chickens love this swing and it's a delight to see them swinging on it. Very cool.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Great idea but my chickens haven't even tried it. Not sure if they will, I keep persisting with them and help but they just jump straight off.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
Well made, but yet to spot anyone using it
I am impressed by the quality of the product, but I would expect this given the price. While I haven't seen any of my girls on it, there has definitely been some muddy feet on it though. I am going to raise it up a bit more at the weekend.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
I am thrilled with the chook swing, it is better than I could have had made by far (which was at first a consideration) but as yet the chooks have not been seen showing any interest in it at all - and I have tried it several nights - at present it is at ground level. I liked the length of the ropes too - I had expected to have to supply more rope as I hung it from the 2m high walk in run - but it was good!
Review for: The Chicken Swing
My chicks love it.
Hazel, Berkshire,
i bought this for my Big Girls, but I rushed trying to get them to use it. I knew that chicks would love it though. From the moment that twe started to put the chicks outside for short periods (about 2 weeks old), the swing was there, just a centimetre off the ground. The chicks ignored it, they jumped over it, jumped on it, and they barged into it a lot. This was great, they weren't fazed at all by it swinging. After a couple of days, one of them tried sitting on it. As soon as that happened, they all wasnted to have a go. As the chicks grew, we raised the swing. When they were very small we'd have a line of them sitting on it. My chicks are now between 5 weeks old and 7 weeks old. Now they are bigger they tend to take it in turns, although I occasionally see 2 of them on there together. It's really well made. At first, I thought it would be just as easy to make something myself with a couple o fbits of rope and a broomhandle. However, it isn't that simple. This is really well thought out, so although it swings when the chook leaps off, it doesn't twist round on itself. It's easy to adjust, and the perch bit is well shaped and sized. Whgen we introduce our chicks to the Big Girls latger in the year, the swings are going with them - and I bet the Big Girls learn how to use them. It's so popular that I've had to buy a second one.
Review for: The Chicken Swing
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