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Medium Dog Beds

A medium dog bed from Omlet gives your perfectly-sized pup the opportunity to discover next level napping. Curated with your dog’s comfort and size in mind, Omlet medium dog beds are a customized sleep solution uniquely made for your dog’s specific size needs. Explore the variety of styles and options available to make your medium dog’s Omlet bed the last bed you’ll ever need to buy.

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Medium-size dogs deserve good sleep

Medium-size dogs deserve high-quality, long-lasting dog beds just as much as every other dog. That’s why we designed our medium dog beds with the perfect balance of comfort and support so your medium-size dog could get big sleep. With a range of vibrant colors, super soft fabrics, signature designs, and matching accessories, your medium dog’s sleep and style will be just right in every way.

3 reasons you need a medium dog bed from Omlet

  • Selection of styles: Style your medium dog’s bed with a bed that reflects their personality for slumber that is delightfully designed. Give extra support with a Bolster dog bed or pick a raised dog bed for supreme airflow.
  • Easy to clean: No matter the size, all dog beds need to be easy to clean. That’s why we made machine washable dog beds with removable covers so your dog can have that fresh sheet feeling all the time.
  • Comfortable: Our medium dog beds look good and are comfortable, too - just ask our pets! Engineered with high performance mattresses and supportive cushioning, every Omlet dog bed gives your dog the comfort they deserve.

Custom sleep solutions for medium canine comfort

Designing dreamy sleep solutions for your dog doesn’t stop with beds. Extend your canine’s comfort by giving them a cozy home within a home with a furniture style dog crate. Or choose from a designer dog bed or elevated dog bed in medium so your perfect size pup can get the sleep that is just right for them.

Pet connection through custom size products

At Omlet, we believe the bond you have with your dog is a precious luxury. And the bed they sleep on should be that, too. There is no greater show of love for your canine companion than with products that will comfort them for a lifetime. By endlessly asking what makes our pets happier and healthier, we are able to create solutions that deliver.