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Verified Reviews for Clear Tarp for Walk in Run - Side

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Sturdy and worthwhile investment. - Abi,

I bought these prior to the influenza flock down as I wanted them as wind breakers for the ducks. They are a very sturdy design, made from durable plastic but not too thick they can’t be bent around corners. I’ve popped one over the doorway to the duck run during this lockdown period for them to avoid any interaction with my regular garden birds. My only wish is I could get them closer to the ground as I feel like there is always a little gap at the bottom letting a draft in. Otherwise, love them.

The reviewer has 4-6 Indian runner ducks pets

These Omlet covers are worth the money - Clare,

The heavy duty material is much more weather resistant than cheaper covers. Over 3 years of weather extremes they do discolour but are still much tougher than a lower cost tarp. They are very small and it would be good to have one to cover all the way from a roof cover to the base of a walk in run to keep a dust bath dry for example.

The reviewer has 4-6 Hybrid pets

Essential accessory - Aniya, London,

Use these for the walk-in run to protect from extreme weather and as they are clear they allow the sun in as well. I’ve used a combination of the clear and the heavy duty covers to maximise both sun and shade. Purpose designed to fit & good quality.

The reviewer has 6-8 Rescue hens pets

Does the job. - Penny,

Good windbreak without blocking the light.

The reviewer has 2-4 Columbian Wyandotte pets

Walk in run covers - Julie,

These are great they are a very good quality and even though my chickens peck at them, they don’t get damaged

Great - Lynne,

Very good product keeps the rain off my kitties when they are outside in the run on a drizzly day.

Clear cover for walk in run side panel - Elaine, Oxfordshire,

This clear side panel is great, protects the hens from the wind, gives them some security but still lets the light in. Easy to use and easy to move with the bungee attachments. Reasonably large as well. Would recommend this product.

Excellent - Christine,

Another product that I would recommend for keeping chicken and duck run dry and offers shelter from wind, rain and snow. The only small irritation is that the metal rings rust really easily,but other than that a really good buy

Rain cover - Anne,

Great product. Provides shelter for the girls. This adds to the roof covers and side covers.

Cover - Anne,

Great. It does the job.

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