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Verified Reviews for Eglu Chicken Coop Runs

Great little coop
Clarke, Essex,
Brought this as a “chicken hospital/jail” for when we needed to separate out a sick or misbehaving chicken. It’s attached to the run so they can see their friends but still be safely apart. Perfect for what we needed. Just needs an auto door to take it to 5 stars
Review for: Eglu Go Up - 6ft Run
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Go Up - the ideal small flock mobile solution
Keith, Norfolk,
I have used our Go Up for several small groups of chickens from 2 to 4 and it serves very well, its not the easiest construction but one built it is light enough and small enough to be moved around the garden as required. As we have other Eglu Coops, ours now serves as a temporary hospital or isolation space but for small flocks this would be perfect. Only slight drawback is the inability to fit the autodoor
Review for: Eglu Go Up - 6ft Run
The reviewer has 2-4 Silkie and polish pets
Great service
Quick delivery and great updates about your delivery date. Highly recommend
Review for: 90 Mighty Run Clips A
The reviewer has 4-6 Guinea pigs pets
Sturdy and easy to use.
Really handy pegs, I didn't use the drill attachment to drive the pegs into the ground and they still went in with ease.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
The reviewer has 6-8 Chickens- Mixed pets
We have a problem with hawks and owls. So I installed a scarecrow which has helped prevent attacks, not just with the chickens, but with all the birds who feed at our feeders. Also,try attaching sparkly whirlygigs to the run fencing.
Review for: Eglu Go Up - 3ft Run Extension
The reviewer has 2-4 Rhode Island Reds pets
We’ve replaced some of the panels due to the dogs trying to dig under and into the coop. These clips are a must have for anyone with a run! Can never have too many replacement clips!
Review for: 32 Single Run Clips (11mm) for Raccoon Resistant Run
The reviewer has 6-8 pets
Great addition
An Omleteer, Texas,
Thought 6ft of run was enough, but 9ft is even better. My chickens are much happier and can now spread out if they wish. Easy enough to add, just tedious and takes a little time, but well worth it.
Review for: Eglu Go Up - 3ft Run Extension
The reviewer has 2-4 Wyandotte and Turkin pets
Take a chance on a great add on item
Would I order this and pay shipping just for this? Probably not. But this is a great item to add to to it order. We were using door knob protection that’s used for kids. My family had trouble opening so we decided to add this to an order when getting a second automatic door. You will need to drill two holes. I hesitated at first, but after installing it, I think it’s a great add. I probably will addition to our setup
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop Door Handle Lock - Twin Pack
The reviewer has 6-8 Chickens pets
A must have for Additional Run Access!
An extra door is wonderful! We put this additional door access on the side, closer to the coop door- Texas summers are hot so I’ve relocated access to their water & food closer to the coop as well- Claire at Omlet was wonderful & told me exactly where to find it on their site, thank you!
Review for: Run Door Self Fit Kit
The reviewer has 2-4 Silkies pets
Best invention ever!
They hold everything very securely and I Han even use on hard ground by hand without needing the attachment. Works great to stop the bird table falling over as well
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack
The reviewer has 4-6 Guinea pigs pets
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