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Easy to install, girls don't seem to have a problem with them
Vicki, Pennsylvania,
I purchased these without realizing that they are included with the ladder when you buy the coop. Didn't seem worth the fuss to return the extra set. I feel the description should include the fact that the ladder grips are included though. I'll just keep these as back-ups.
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
The reviewer has 2-4 pets
Ladder Grips
I purchased the Eglu Cube Mk2 Ladder Grips as I was noticing my little Pekin Bantams where having trouble getting up and down the Metal Cube Ladder. Since attaching the new grips they have found the Ladder much easier to use and we get a lot less panicky flapping jumps from the Cube door to the run floor. Really recommend if you haven’t already purchased and you have Bantams in your flock like me. ????????
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
The reviewer has 8-10 pets
Better Footing
Jozette, Ohio,
The Eglu cube ladder grips very easily snap right onto the ladder and you can slide to make them evenly centered. The grips will provide chickens with better footing especially in wet or snowy weather!
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
The reviewer has 4-6 Easter Eggers pets
I'm glad I bought these, they are much better than the sticky strip that came with the ladder. They were easy to fit and the girls are much happier going up the ladder now. Also easy to clean.
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
Problem chicken solved!
Amongst our flock we have a single Sussex who just would not put herself to bed in the Cube. So every night I had to go out with a torch and chase her in from wherever she was roosting. I spent ages pondering what the issue might be, but fitting these seems to have been the key and she now happily roosts with the other s
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
Very satisfied
The stick-on grips I initially received all fell off within 2 weeks. These new ones fit securely and my girls were immediately confident to hop up and down.
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
Great item
These are far better than the stick on grips. Will last much longer too.
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
Ladder Grips
Love these as they allow our chickens easier access into their coops and the goats are not able to break them! Win - Win!
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
Plastic strips for ladders
Bought the plastic strips for ladders , they are working well and I’m sure will last for some time unlike the strips I was given with my eglu cube mark 2 ,these curled up , fell off and my hens were trying to peck them. My advice , purchase the plastic strips first time , saves money and time ,they click onto the metal runs and are easier for the hens to climb .
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
Wider steps
Our hens are very happy with the steps. Their toes can grip them easier. They are so happy, we get an egg per day from each of them.
Review for: Ladder Grips - Eglu Cube
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