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Verified Reviews for Maya Donut Elevated Cat Bed - Peacock Green

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Mia is on her throne - Clare,

I had a few reservations about buying this for my cat as she usually ignores any new beds bought for her. This time she climbed onto the bed almost immediately and has firmly taken possession. She is even happy on it when the radiator is cold Very happy with this purchase as is Mia.

The reviewer has 1 Moggy pets

Princess and the pea - Meg, West Yorkshire,

I noticed this cat bed on sale while buying an extension for my chicken coop. I’ve bought my cat numerous beds in the past in the quest to find one she uses but most end up going to my sister w a less picky cat. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised to find that B took to the bed in the first 5 minutes of it coming out of the box. It took her a while to figure out how to sit in it (she’s not always the sharpest tool) but she seems v happy. I have it on the sofa so it’s rather raised (no feet) like a princess bed but if she’s happy, I’m happy.

My cat loves this so much - Jonathan,

I've had this cat bed (with the frame and blanket) for about a month or so, and one of my cats absolutely loves it. It took her a few days to be interested in it, but once she got used to it she's been napping on it for hours at a time. It's quickly become one of her favorite spots!

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