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Verified Reviews for Outdoor Chicken Run Covers

I already had some clear side panels, but wanted the green ones to create shade for when we had sun (!!!). They are now multi-purpose as they protect the chickens from the rain (!) and from the sun when it shines. An excellent buy.
Review for: Heavy Duty Tarp for Walk in Run - Side
Being prepared
Great product, and now to hand to replace any existing ones that might eventually succomb to the ravages of the Shetland climate's winds.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6
I am very pleased with the clear cover. I already had a green roof cover that covers half the roof of the walk-in-run, and now have in total 4 smaller clear covers to cover the sides on one corner. Each covers a panel of the WIR. The result is a lovely cosy corner if it rains or is windy. As they are attached with bungee hooks (supplied with the cover) the covers can easily be repositioned on another wall, or flapped back or taken off. the covers also protect the dust bath from getting wet. All in all very worthwhile!
Review for: Clear Tarp for Walk in Run - Side
Very strong quality well priced product from Omlet.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6
Side panel for walk in run - clear
I was very pleased with the quality of the see through side panels for the walk in run. They are completely see through and fit exactly into one side panel. They seem slightly better quality than the clear panels for the roof, which I think could be a couple of inches wider to allow for a slight overlap.
Review for: Clear Tarp for Walk in Run - Side
great item, just what I was looking for and very fast delivery.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6
look robust
bought these when i bought a plastic cover as didn't realise the cover would come with 6, so have spares. They are pretty robust, so sure they will come in useful at some point:)
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6
How did I manage without these. They hold large runs open or closed, attach runs to the cube, attach shades and 'own make' rain covers, keep nesting box barriers in place easily, and attach treats to the bars.
Review for: Bungee
Nice and secure
The bungees are great for securing the shades - we have one on an Eglu, and a tarpaulin on a standard coop run, and they always stay put, but are easy to move or take off in nicer weather.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6
Useful and always handy to have around, certainly beats fiddling around with bits of string.
Review for: Bungee Hooks Pack of 6
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