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Lovely addition to the garden. the children play in there with our mini lop daily and love looking after the enclosure, building different enrichment every week. 6 months in now and no regrets.
Outdoor enclosure for the rabbit tribe 🐰
Large enclosure
Our halloween bunny park 🎃
Giant flanders enclosure
Sarih in the new Omletenclosure
Great new enclosure
Peanut and pearl's home with the awesome Omlet outdoor enclosure!!!
Peanut and pearl's at home
My pinous!
The outdoor rabbit run attached to the Eglu Go rabbit hutch in a garden,
Enjoying a cool summer's night in their new home
Beautiful walk-in run 2x6m for my rabbits
Happy rabbits large enclosure 2m x2m low version
Outdoor rabbit enclosure
Happy about it!
Enjoying their new space
Outdoor rabbit run and tunnels…rabbits love it
Our 2x4x1 with partition wall, 2 doors and tarpaulin additions !
Ready for our bunnies.
Superb run! Good quality and i managed to put together all by myself.
Large enclosure with extensions
Ron and harry’s shed and attached run.
A low height rabbit run in a garden
A low run in a garden
A large walk-in run with a rabbit wooden hutch inside
Two rabbits eating dinner inside their enclosure
A couple of rabbits inside their enclosure, next to their pink hutch
A rabbit run in the sun
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