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Verified Reviews for Zippi Rabbit Shelter - Green

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Great for house bunnies - Sue,

My house rabbits love these shelters. They are durable, easy to clean and offer a safe spot for rabbits to play and nap. I have 3 of these in my house. Two linked together in our rabbit room and one in the living room so the buns have a place to hide when they hop out to see what’s going on. Kudos to Omlet for understanding that rabbits love to sit on top of these and recently changed the design making the tops textured instead of smooth. Now my buns don’t slip off when they sit on top of it.

The reviewer has 2-4 Rabbits pets

Perfect shelter for small pets - Amy, New York,

I bought this shelter to use a shade shelter while brooding 4 week old chicks in the Zippi outdoor pen. Worked great and the chicks loved it. Sturdy and thick plastic so it won't break easily. My kids love the bright green color.

The reviewer has 2-4 Americauna Chicks pets

Eggcellant for chickens too - Donna,

Eggcellant for chickens too, mine love it !

The reviewer has 8-10 Pekin bantams pets

They like it ! - Massachusetts, Massachusetts,

Nice big extra hiding spot - matched their rabbit eglu and looks great together. The bunnies love it.

The reviewer has 2-4 Holland Lops pets

Super Durable & Fits 2 New Zealands! - Julie, Michigan,

What a great shelter! I looked everywhere for a solid structure to hide my outdoor rabbits (I live in Northern USA), and these shelters completely do the trick. They're super solid and durable. My bunnies like to push them around and sit on top of them, and they are indestructible. One shelter fits my two huge New Zealand does just dandy. I'll be ordering more of these in the future!

The reviewer has 2-4 New Zealand, Mini-Re pets

Great but design flaw - needs to be flat and/or anti-slip - Sue, Sheffield,

I have four rabbits and they have all loved the shelters. I also foster rabbits for a local rescue and they have them too. It works well indoors for my house bunnies as well as out in the enclosures. None of the 6 rabbits which have road tested the shelters have spent any time in them, they run in and out but all want to sit on top. But it has a slightly rounded roof and smooth surface and some rabbits couldn't get on it, others just slid off. So I have added strips of anti-slip tape (bought online) which has worked really well and they now love it, as Millie is demonstrating.

The reviewer has 4-6 Various pets

They love it - Karen, Wales,

Great shelter need to purchase the tunnels to complete the set my rabbits love it

The reviewer has 2-4 Rabbits, dwarf and a pets

Excellent! - Sue,

Very strong ,rabbits love playing in & on this.

The reviewer has 2-4 Dwarf lop pets

Great size and design - Andrea,

Really impressed with the rabbit shelters, bought 1 for each bunny in case they didn’t want to share but they only ever use 1 as it’s big enough for both of them. Great to have 2 entrances/exits, easy to hose down and made of strong plastic that looks like it won’t deteriorate in the uv light over time.

Bunnies love it! - Jolene,

Perfect size for my two bunnies to snuggle under. They feel safe and they like to be under it during the rain.