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Verified Reviews for Zippi Rabbit Shelter with Play Tunnel Twin Pack - green and purple

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Buns love these!! - Julia, California,

I bought these on recommendation from a rabbit rescue group (Napa Bunnies) and I could not be happier with my purchase. My two bunnies immediately started zooming in and out of the tunnels. Money well spent. They love love love them. Way better than my old set up of cardboard boxes for tunnels. Buy them!

The reviewer has 2-4 Rabbit pets

Rabbit likes it! - Simon,

Previously all our rabbits liked to hide away in boxes and such but this rabbit just liked to climb and sit on top of stuff. However he loves to snuggle up in this one. We place it on a fleecy pet mat and he sleeps there. He's banned from climbing as he's getting old but he does not climb on the shelter, possibly because its not flat. Have not tried the tunnels yet but I'm eager to try the chew resistant ends. Feels good value.

The reviewer has 1 pets

Perfect solution - Gayle,

My indoor bunny chewed on 2 different fabric tunnels - I tried Omlet as a last resort for creating a tunnel system for my bunny. I got the shelter with 2 tunnels but my bunny wanted one non-tunnel opening on her shelter so I used the box the Omlet shelter came in to create another shelter and attached the other Omlet tunnel to that. She loves it. Now she has the indestructible Omlet shelter as well as the Omlet box ‘shelter’ which she is ‘redesigning’ (shredding). The shelter and tunnels are top notch quality- super sturdy - the rings on the ends of the tunnels definitely keep her from chewing the tunnels. Also, I had some problems logging in to my online Omlet account - the support and follow up from Omlet staff was great. So, not only a great product for my bunny but excellent customer service. Wonderful product and customer service. Best bunny purchase so far - thank you.

The reviewer has 1 Lionhead pets

Great rabbit toy - An Omleteer,

Hi happy with this item, my rabbits love it. I Iove that the ends of the tunnels have a cap on to stops rabbits chewing the plastic. Shelter is big as spacious for both rabbits to sit on top or hide inside.

The reviewer has 2-4 Netherland dwarf pets

Perfect home - Rhode,

We have a house rabbit that loves these tunnels and shelters. We set up two of these in different rooms so she can run and play and feel safe while still being in the open and in our company. These types of setups play to her natural instincts to tunnel and take cover. We keep one in her room with a tunnel on each opening that she uses as a place to bed down safely for the night. The other we keep in the living room with one tunnel and one open side. She likes to lay half in the shelter and half out so she can keep an eye on the goings on in the house. The shelters are made of sturdy plastic with two openings and are very roomy. The tunnels are flexible and collapsible but very sturdy. I highly recommend these

The reviewer has 1 New Zealand pets

Rabbits love them! - Nicola, RCT,

My rabbits love running in and out of the tunnels.

The reviewer has 2-4 Mixed pets

Well made and looks great - Bretel,

I know my rabbit doesnt care that its pink and green, but she loves racing through the tunnels and hiding away in the green shelter. They arrived nice and quickly and were super simple to put the connector rings on the tummels and connect them all together. Certainly brighten up her run.

The reviewer has 1 pets

My Bunny loves it - Carol,

I bought this tunnel set because my son has the same thing for his rabbits. My bunny loves it and its easy to clean.

The reviewer has 1 Lop eared pets

BunStruction - Karuna,

I bought 2 hideaways and tunnels for my 2 bunnies. Unfortunately one tunnel lasted 20 minutes because one of the bunnies decided to redesign the tunnel and chewed a bunny sized hole in it. For all the other rabbits I’ve ever had this would have been a perfect tunnel but this bunny takes his chewing and designing very seriously and the poor tunnel didn’t stand a chance. Loved the concept and would get them for other bunnies.

The reviewer has 2-4 Lop eared and a tiny pets

My rabbits love it - Peter,

My rabbits love cuddling inside it. They also run laps in, out and over it. They even stand on top and use it as a look out. The box is very sturdy and durable. The tubes have started to have little holes worn in them were they rub against the box. But had it for a wile now and not much of a problem.

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

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