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Old MacDonald's Stop That Peckin' 8 oz

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Old MacDonald's Stop That Peckin' can be used to help break a flock's pecking habit and is ideal for use on birds newly introduced to the group as a preventative measure. Its non-toxic, weather resistant formula is designed to be applied directly onto poultry and fowl to stop them from pecking one another. It should be applied when pecking is first noticed, before the skin becomes red and raw.

Directions: Must be applied on feathers and not onto skin. Spray tail feathers first before working up the back towards the neck. Do not apply to head, comb, wattles and eyes. Can be applied to birds that are newly introduced to the flock as a preventative measure.

Old MacDonald's Stop That Peckin’ uses the active ingredients of oleo resin capsicum, capsaidine and bitter agents.

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Old MacDonald's Stop That Peckin' 8 oz

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