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Verified Reviews for Run Pins Eglu Cube Mk1 - Pair

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Run pins - Karen, Derbyshire ,

Great item at a great price well done Omlet

Verified Purchase: Jun 2019

Run pins - Kerri, West Sussex,

These are brilliant. I didnt realise that replacements were available. Since I lost them when we moved house we used a tent peg but these are much better. Xx

Verified Purchase: Jan 2018

spare pins - Mae,

I bought these thinking they would be the same length as I already had but they are much shorter hence there being two I guess but as the crook bit tends to act as security it's a shame that they don't secure bottom of the two hooks on the eglu runs.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Bought as spares - Lisa,

As the ones I have get lost so eaily in the grass! I only tend to find them again when I'm mowing the lawn...which the pins survive!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

quick delivery good product - Maureen,

needed to replace as had lost one - quick delivery as usual - items exactly as I expected. thanks.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2016

Love Omlet Products! - Lougheed,

Nice little pin to hold the door of the Eglu run securely shut. Our fault entirely that we lost one when moving the Eglu - Don't rest it on the top if you are moving it over bumpy ground! Replacements are cheap and easly ordered.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2015

Always good to be able to replace parts. - Sarah,

I like these. The orginal ones are still intact but its nice to have a spare set for when I probably go and mislay one. Cannot complain about the price either.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2017

Run Clips - Good - Suzanne,

Integral item for the cube and useful replacement. The only downside is when it is dark it is very difficult to see the dang things as they are the same colour as the wire on the cube - I have put reflective tape and tried reflective paint but often resort to a twig. I have also thought of compling the two together. But overall good.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Spare run pins for large door - Sue,

Being a cautious person, I bought spare runs pins as a precaution against misplacing my current ones on a dark winter's night when the rain is lashing down and the westerly wind is blowing at gale force. The really clever thing would be to remember where I have stored them!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

Run Pin Cube Large Door - Alice,

This is the only part of the cube product which falls down. It took my brother's cats (Bengals) 2 minutes to remove the pins (mind you they are escape artists). The design needs to be rethought - one long pin would be better as the gaps that the pins feed into are quite tight.

Verified Purchase: May 2018

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