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Chicken Swing - Katrina, east yorkshire,

The Jokes on my for buying "The Chicken Swing". Doesn't matter what I do, place the chicks on it, place the older hens on it, not one of the 8 want anything to do with it. It's still hanging , waiting. Maybe it's my chooks, but if you have to train them to use it I don't see the point! 2

Omlet Says: Hi Katrina, some chickens will naturally use it, and others need training. There are some great tips here for you

Not Yet - Brian, east yorkshire,

Had chickens for three weeks but they haven't used the swing yet 2

Looked Intriguing - Katrina, east yorkshire,

Bought the chicken swing. My husband thought I was not serious. No swinging as yet. But the comments keep coming. "Any swinging today?" I don't want to train them to use it! I did have expectations they would just jump on. Spent an hour today attempting to place the flock on it. No action. 2

Omlet Says: It can take a while to train them Katrina, if you need tips there are lots of videos on Youtube that will be helpful :)

Chicken Swing - Dani, east yorkshire,

We love the chicken swing.... and so do our girls! 2

Sadly the chickens have not ventured onto the swing yet - Maggie, east yorkshire,

Have moved swing around several times but at present ignoring it 2

Omlet Says: Hi Maggie You may need to spend some time training them, check out these swinging tips - Lara @Omlet

Great Talking Point - Lynn, east yorkshire,

I received this item free as part of my order. It's a real talking point but I'm not sure the girls have quite grasped what they are supposed to do! Maybe they only perform when they haven't got an audience! I can't wait to see one of them swinging away! 2

Chicken Swing - Anneedwards, east yorkshire,

Purchased this as a boredom beater for my girls. Had it a while now but not actually caught any using it. With the awful weather we've had they spend a lot of time under cover. Hopefully with summer approaching may be able to tempt them. 2

The Chicken Swing - Linda, east yorkshire,

What an amazing idea. We have got very happy chickens, all trying to get on the swing at once, I will send photo's as soon as poss. 2

Fabulous - Andrea, east yorkshire,

The chickens love this swing and it's a delight to see them swinging on it. Very cool. 2

- Helen, east yorkshire,

Great idea but my chickens haven't even tried it. Not sure if they will, I keep persisting with them and help but they just jump straight off. 2

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