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Verified Reviews for Feeder Drinker Stand - Eglu Go

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Great idea in principle - Lynn, Fife,

It's a great idea, I love the flexibility of putting the food/water anywhere but my chickens try to stand on the food and water holders and constantly tip them over. The stand doesn't tip but the hooks on the back of the feeders aren't deep enough to prevent the food and water from falling off - shame as the concept is great

Excellent feeding station - Sonia,

I have tried most types of feeders/drinkers on the market. This one is the best so far. I keep it under my Go Up for a little added protection from the rain. The food so far has stayed completely dry. The stand is simple, easy and convenient to use and great for keeping the feeding area clean.

Perfect - Debi,

I'd just got some ex-caged hens and they really didn't know what to do with anything in the real world. After a few days when their instincts kicked in and they started acting like chickens they were scratching and kicking dirt into their feed and water, this just thr right height for them and stays upright and clean whatever they do to it.

easy for birds - David, Herefordshire,

supports the drinker and feeders well. And easier than trying to lean in and get the feeders from the run.

A great idea!! - Stuart,

We wondered what to do with the glug & grub feeders when we bought out Egloo, as we didnt need the run that they attach to. This is the perfect solution. The feeders fit easily onto the stand & the handle means moving it around the run & garden is simple. We've taken the top off our grub feeder to give the girls a double water feeder.

Excellent - Tara,

Since extending my run, I was struggling to work out where to put my feeder, without obscuring my view of my gorgeous birds... the feeder stand was the perfect answer! The birds love the position and also take it turns to perch on top of it! Great product again, thanks Omlet!

Feeders and frame for feeders - Horner,

Well made and seem to work well. Better than the previous feeders (the ones with the red bottoms which were terrible to unscrew and fill.

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