Wednesday 02 April 2014

This weekend at The Edible Garden Show has been pretty awesome.The show moved from Stoneleigh Park to Alexandra Palace this year so I went down to London on Thursday night to help set up our stand.As usual we were running late so most of it was done on Friday morning but it all came together in the end!
HRH Prince Charles and Camilla visited the show on Friday morning and came over to the PoultryTalk stand to meet my Pekin Bantam chicks!Charles was asking Jamie all about what we do, how long the chicks take to hatch and about the incubation process while Camilla held a chick and spoke to the school children on the stand.She held a chick which she named with the school children; they decided on Rosie!
The rest of the weekend seemed to fly by!We went out for dinner and spent most of the show networking and making new chicken friends!
I did a talk in The Experts Theatre on Sunday afternoon with Naomi from BHWT which went ok - I'd forgotten about it until half an hour before we did it so it was all quite rushed but a Q&A session at the end helped to fill time!

Tuesday 03 September 2013

I went over to Helpless Homestead in Machynlleth in July to help them dispatch some of their poultry.
They had a batch of Ross Cobbs but we did a couple of Aylesbury drakes.

They write as The Rookies in Country Smallholding and the article was published in the October issue:

Just had 2 messages of feedback from the Poultry Dispatch Course this weekend and am really pleased!
"Just want to say a huge thank you to Lewis for a very informative Dispatch, Pluck and Gut Course which my husband Dave attended yesterday - he thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much - came home and was gutting chickens like a pro! Excellent course and highly recommended. Will be fantastic to be able to eat "home-grown" chickens from now on, no more supermarket rubbish  A must-do course for anyone keeping chickens for eggs too, gives you peace of mind and confidence to know what you are doing when dealing with ill hens. THANK YOU!" - Lorraine L
"Hi just wanted to let you all know about the dispatch, pluck and gut course I have just been on, was not looking forward to this course,but felt I needed to do as I keep chickens. I arrived on the day I did not know anyone that was there but was made to feel really welcome. The course was brilliant, I learnt how to dispatch correctly without causing the chicken any discomfort, different ways to pluck. Lewis who runs the course was great at explaining and answering all questions that were asked, he made everyone feel at ease. I never thought I would be able to do anything like this 
but I came home confident and prepared a bird on my own. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. Lewis if you read this many thanks not just for the course, but also for the new friends I have made."- Tazmin O

Next one is at Cotswold Chickens on 6th October!

I ran a Dispatch, Pluck and Gut course this weekend in Aberystwyth and had a great time.
We ended up with 5 people on the course and then as families arrived later on we had 11 for the BBQ.
The course went well, everyone seemed to enjoy it and feedback has been really good.We dispatched in Angela's new goat shed and hung the chickens from beams:
Then went into the mock Medieval Tavern for gutting.
We spatchcocked and BBQ'd the chickens and ate them out on the decking
Then when I got home I roasted mine......was the best roast chicken ever!!

Really looking forward to the next course on 6th October at Cotswold Chickens now!

Saturday 17 August 2013

So Mabel comes pretty much everywhere with me; Uni, home, work, shows and even on random days out!

So thought she deserved a photo post:
Even a Stobart lorry...

Friday 16 August 2013

Thought I'd better post some pictures of Sherlock as I haven't done for a while! He loves reading ;)
And chillin' in the garden ...or the house
Pretty much anywhere... 

Saturday 13 July 2013

I spent the afternoon at Helpless Homestead near Machynlleth showing them how to Dispatch & Dress Aylesbury ducks and then they'll do their Ross Cobb meat birds.

First the dispatched and plucked then dispatched and skinned, which was a lot quicker + easier with the ducks two layers of waterproof feathers!
They have a batch of 5 week old Ross Cobbs which will be ready for the table in a few weeks time - they grow so fast and were struggling with the heat! I suggested they try Ixworths next time, the ideal Smallholder dual purpose bird.

Was a bit too hot in 30 degree sunshine but was great weather and scenery for it!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Today, I graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BSc Hons 2(II) in Animal Science! :D

Had the most amazing week ever.
Spent it with my best friends in 30 degree sunshine, on the beach and in the sea!

Wednesday 03 July 2013

Have just for back from a week in Venice with the bro's!

Had a really good time - Venice isn't that big so we saw most of it in the first day and repeated things but was just really nice to get away and spend some time with the bro's after finishing Uni!

I've been working on the PoultryTalk stand at BBC Gardeners' World Live and Good Food Show at the NEC this week - has been really good!
Pure breed eggs on display from The Rainbow Egg Company:
We spent HOURS setting the stand up only to come in the next morning to find the roof had leaked all over it so had to move it all in half an hour, but other than that we've had a great week.

I did 4 Chicken Keeping for Beginners talks on the stand everyday which were really well attended, as well as a few talks in the VIP area.

I took Mabel and Doris the Pekins with me and we had a table full of chicks for people to touch and see; I think we were the most photographed stand at the exhibition!

We also revealed #ChickenWall at the show - a 4 x 2 metre long display with 60 photos of pure breed poultry in the UK!
It was great to be able to show people the variation in size, breeds and the different uses for poultry!

We had a PetzPodz animal house on display to show people different types of housing well as a more traditional wooden ark (with Mabel + Doris on top) and an Omlet Eglu in the background!

Monday 13 May 2013

I spent the day being a Smallholder near Aber helping a lady out who's just had her hip replaced.
I did a mini Dispatch, Pluck & Gut session and lesson for 2 people, to sort out a pen full of cockerels.

I dispatched them, showed them how to pluck and the others helped pluck. We then gutted them after leaving them to hang for a few hours.

I also made friends with goat kids, pigs and llamas!
She's struggling keeping too many chickens and ducks so I rehomed 3 to a friend and am trying to sell a few of her ducks for her.
Was a good day :)

After, we went to see Danny and Lady (the horses) to drop off 3 chickens and while we were there I tried to sort out a Silkie with really bad lice and Scaley Leg Mite problem - we gave her a bath but she was really struggling so had to dispatch her too.

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Have finally finished and handed in my dissertation!!

I tested 5 essential oils at 9 different concentrations to test their ability to kill Poultry Red Mite... and it worked! :)

Friday 19 April 2013

'Cos I've been Lambing and working on the farm for 8 weeks my hands have gone really horrible.
When we were TB testing the other day they were so dry they looked Scaley!

I used a handful of udder cream to moisturise them! haha

Thursday 04 April 2013

Friday 22 March 2013

I went for a ride out on Danny this week and cantered him for the first time!

The first time we were walking around he field, I asked him to Trot on... He went straight into a Canter!
My bum stayed connected to the saddle the whole time and felt so smooth. Was really excited after haha
Think I must have relaxed my hips properly 'cos I wasn't expecting it.
The other couple of times I did it he Cantered straight away but I wasn't as relaxed and had my heels up so my bum was bouncing a bit in the saddle.

Still, I'm learning and was good fun!!!

Thursday 21 March 2013

The CPQ are growing up fast!
There's 44 of them and have been trying to sell a few. 2 pet shops I have spoken to are interested in buying some

Got a few photos of them...

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Lidds and the girls I live with have bleached my hair and dyed it blue!

Is for a Birthday social tonight.
I figure I'm 21, a student and can't do it when I get a 'proper' job, so why not now!?

Monday 04 March 2013

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Have been helping to back a couple of horses and my friends we're doing it with have been saying for ages we should have Riding lessons...
Thought it was just for girls and that I'd squash all the horses etc but we finally decided to book lessons and it was really good!
Have worked with horses for years at the farm + at work, so know a bit about them but never ridden.

We've only done Rising Trot but is good so far! My horse is called Boxer and he's got a really big trot so I spend half the time making him slow down so he doesn't overall, but think I'm setting the hang of it. The woman asked if I'm sure I've never ridden before 'cos I looked quite good :P haha

Wednesday 13 February 2013

We took Dafydd to the beach today to exercise him and teach him to jump.

Must have spent 2 hours playing and trotting around the beach but he loved it!!
As much as I hate running I loved it too! :))

Omlet Cartoon