Tuesday 10 August 2010

This is the beginning of my life with chickens.

In March 2010 I took delivery of my Eglu and 3 Omlet chickens - Scarlett O'Hara, a Gingernut Ranger, Superhans and Lafonda, Miss Pepperpots. I never realised how interesting chickens are to watch or how rewarding to look after - they even like to be cuddled ! They settled in really well, would feed from our hands and loved free ranging in the garden. However someone else was watching the new arrivals - evil Mr Fox - and at dusk one evening it came and killed Lafonda and left Superhans and Scarlett wounded.  Despite immediate treatment from our vet Superhands had to be put to sleep the next day but Scarlett made a complete recovery with the aid of antibiotics, painkillers and lots of tlc - she lived in the kitchen for a week and became a house chicken !

Scarlett now needed some new friends as she was very lonely in the eglu on her own so I drove to a lovely breeder in Surrey and came back with two Isa Browns to keep her company - Honey and Treacle.  Scarlett made friends with them straight away and Honey laid an egg the next day followed by Treacle, Scarlett followed suit by laying her first egg a week later.

Scarlett, Treacle and Honey
More new arrivals to follow !

Omlet Cartoon