Thursday 31 December 2015

This has been a truly great year and I can’t believe we’re on the cusp of a new one. Don’t get me wrong, the last twelve months have had their fair share of ups, downs and mega downs, but looking back … Continue reading →

Sunday 29 March 2015

… a section of the original manor house … Our discovery of Fiddleford Manor was a complete, unexpected pleasure! How did I never know of its existence? I have probably driven past its little, lane entrance about a squillion times and never investigated further. What I loved most, at first sight, was the massive, free car park. […]

Wednesday 25 March 2015

… freshly baked … It felt like a baking kind of a day yesterday and it didn’t take long for the cry of ‘ooh macaroons’ to confirm what I was to make. I had planned to spend a morning, perusing my beautiful new recipe book The Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home, over a cup of tea. I […]

Sunday 22 March 2015

 … my first anemone flower of the year … With the clocks soon to go forward and as the days get longer, it really is making me believe that we are shaking off the winter and heading full on into spring. However, it isn’t really spring yet and I need to be careful not to […]

Wednesday 18 March 2015

… newly planted primroses on the bank … You’ll remember from this post a few weeks back that we are in the process of creating a wild flower bank at the front of the house.  The bank already exists, just incase your mind conjures up visions of diggers and mounds of earth (in Mr D-F’s dreams). We […]

Sunday 15 March 2015

… the tide going out at Kimmeridge Bay … ‘Where’s Kimmeridge?” Mr D-F asked a while back. I was so astonished that anyone in Dorset and the surrounding counties could possibly not be aware of the existence of this very cool spot. It was decided then that Kimmeridge would be our next mission out and luckily the […]

Wednesday 11 March 2015

… one of the many beautiful hair clips at Stone Bridge hair accessories … I know that I don’t usually write about anything to do with hair or beauty. I think this is because I am, by no means, an expert in this field. I wanted to write this post because I had a little […]

Sunday 08 March 2015

… the brightly coloured, enticing displays at Sparrow UK, Shaftesbury … Last week, I stepped into the crafty world of Sparrow in Shaftesbury. It is not often that I have far too many wonderful photographs to choose from for a DDB post, as usually there are a handful that really stand out.  However, this time […]

Wednesday 04 March 2015

… golden sleeping hares by Charley of *Artist Not Included … It’s my birthday next week and I know that somewhere lurking in the Finca are two beautiful illustrations by Charley of *Artist Not Included, all wrapped up and waiting for me to open. Well, I hope all wrapped up… it wouldn’t surprise me if Mr DF […]

Sunday 01 March 2015

…wild flower seed mix… At the front of the Finca there is a sunny bank. It’s mossy and green and lovely but I’ve always felt that it has never been developed to its full potential. I gave some serious thought to what we would all like to see out of our front windows. What would I like […]

Monday 23 February 2015

I know I don’t usually post on a Monday evening, but I was worried I’d miss the boat and wouldn’t get a chance to explain what will be happening over the next few days. It’s possible that the usual Wednesday … Continue reading →

Sunday 22 February 2015

  … Milton Abbas village … If you have ever bought a set of Dorset postcards, I bet you this iconic sight was featured on at least one of them.  White cottages with thatched roofs and manicured grass lawns line the … Continue reading →

Wednesday 18 February 2015

This rather took me by surprise… I was looking over the blog the other day, trying to decide whether I wanted to mix things up in the visual department, when I noticed… 1003 followers WHAAAAT?! One thousand and three. Yes, … Continue reading →

Sunday 15 February 2015

  As I write this post, the snowdrops are at their most beautiful and are appearing in clumps and swathes all over the county.  Seeing their crisp, fresh colours always reminds me that although we are still feeling the wintery … Continue reading →

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Now… I know you’re not surprised that I LOVE this whole idea… the tropical colours, the pom poms, the versatility… it’s just so jolly! When I saw this beautiful post on Mr Printable’s blog, I knew I had to give it … Continue reading →

Sunday 08 February 2015

  … Wimborne Minster … Golly it was cold when I took these pictures and my poor fingers could hardly operate my camera properly. Even so, I was so entranced by the prettiness of Wimborne Minster that I stayed outside, taking … Continue reading →

Wednesday 04 February 2015

This little piece of crochet loveliness solved a bit of a conundrum for me this week… which all started with lunch boxes.  For about a month now, I have been desperately searching for a trendy-looking lunch box to take with … Continue reading →

Sunday 01 February 2015

… Dorset Uglies, by sculptress Emma Mauger … As I drove towards the home of Dorset Uglies creator, Emma Mauger, I didn’t quite know how I was going to feel once I was confronted by her collection of ‘Uglies’.  I tend … Continue reading →

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Last week, I took a lemon loaf cake to a bring-and-share lunch.  I was impressed with myself for putting in that little bit of extra effort to provide a homemade offering.  Saying that, I didn’t actually get time to ice … Continue reading →

Sunday 25 January 2015

  … the view of Hambledon Hill from the North Dorset Trailway … This is a fantastic piece of Dorset that lots of locals know about (so I’m sorry if you know all of this already, just enjoy the pretty pictures). … Continue reading →

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