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Comments for What Do Hamsters Eat?

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Yesenia, 28 May 2020

my hamster loves food!

Sarayah, 14 May 2020

Add different varieties of cages

Triggles, 22 April 2020

An amazing place and website

Addison, 1 March 2020


Kim, 22 February 2020

Thx!! I love to play with her and feed her

Alexandra, 6 December 2019

Thank you! This was very helpful for me and my hamster. I will recommend you guys!

Kaleigh, 17 November 2019

how am I keep my hamster healthy

Lucia, 4 November 2019

wow this realy helped me keep my hamster super healthy

Furry, 2 November 2017

Thank you for sharing what types of foods hamsters can eat. I like to write about what hamsters can and cannot eat as well on my website!