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Comments for How Do I Know If My Hamster Is Pregnant?

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Chloe, 26 October 2021

I don't know if my hamster is a female but, seems to be pregnant. Does anyone have any advice?

Ash, 26 August 2021

Hi I have one hamster and it's a girl and it seems bigger as if it's fat but it seems to be nesting

Jafar, 17 June 2021

How long is a hamster's pregnancy?

Twyla, 9 May 2020

I think my female hamster is pregnant and now she is making a big nest how long ofter she makes her nest will she give birth

Isabelle, 11 April 2020

My hamster is pregnant and she has started nesting how soon is she going to give birth

Sarah, 30 March 2020

my hamster(female) came in contact with my sisters gerbil(male). i’ve seen things saying there is no way they would’ve mated but she’s been less active and she’s been hiding her food under her food bowl......

Rose, 6 February 2020

Hi is it possible that the mother could get pregnant by one of her babies? I noticed that the mother is bigger on both sides of her stomach and the babies of her litter is 17 days old now.

Brooklyn, 24 November 2019

A week ago we had a male mouse wander into our home and my hamster had gotten out of her cage 2 times that week now she is getting a bigger belly and is staring blankly into space Idk if she is pregnant or not please help?!

Kiara, 13 November 2019

Hello. My neighbor has a male hamster and my female hamster has been in contact with his hamster I'm 85% sure she's pregnant she's been getting alot fatter and shes been hiding all of her food instead of some and shes been running on her wheel less fast.

Brooklyn, 22 October 2019

My friend has a male and female hamster and they were together for and hour. And today she was making a nest. Would that mean she’s pregnant

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