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Virginia, 1 July 2021

I need to order replacement accessories for the hamster cage. The US site says they are sold out, I called and was told to try the British site. I see absolutely no hamster cages or accessories on the British side. Help please!

Emma, 14 May 2020

We have a Qute cage which has previously been used for gerbils. My daughter is keen to get 2 dwarf hamsters and we have been advised that the cage is not suitable as they wouldn't be able to use the tube. Can you let me know your opinion on this. Many thanks

Nolan, 27 December 2014

This page is useful because people who have a hamster and love the animal it helps let you know a little bit of the past of these awesome animal

Cyntac, 13 July 2013

I love that the third paragraph says Dwarf Hamsters are prized for their ability to ride horses. I loled.

Toby, 19 April 2013

Although I already knew my ancestors came from Syria, I didn't know my Dwarf cousins could ride horses! Enjoyed the page. Thank you!

Henry, 7 April 2013

i found this page really helpfull and i have had my hamster for a year and found out lots of other things i did not know

Lucy, 28 May 2012

I own a syrian hamster and I didn't know anything, but thanks to this page, I do now! It was fasinating and enjoyable to read. I also learnt alot to remember.

Lucy, 27 November 2011

i loved reading this page as it was very interesting. i have learnt a lot!!! i love my syrian