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Puppy Beds

Puppies have an innate need to chew, and dog beds aren’t spared from their razor-sharp teeth. That’s why we designed the Topology Puppy Bed, with a premium memory foam mattress and a durable and removable topper to make teething and puppy accidents smooth sailing. And with three sizes to choose from, you can find the perfectly-sized puppy bed that’ll last a lifetime.

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The perfect puppy bed

Find a bed that will grow with your puppy by choosing from small, medium or large based on their expected size when fully grown. To personalize their puppy paradise, we have a range of designer, stylish feet to elevate their bed and improve your home hygiene.

A dog bed for life

We said enough is enough to thin dog beds that easily rip and leave a trail of synthetic stuffing in their wake. The industry norm of dog beds often end their short time in landfill after just a couple of months, if not weeks, of puppy snoozing and chewing. We engineered the perfect bed for puppies that we know will withstand even the sharpest of teeth.

3 reasons to choose the Topology Puppy Bed

  1. Memory foam mattress - Dogs sleep a lot, so it’s only right that the Topology Puppy Bed is nothing short of luxury. Made from a memory foam mattress, the bed is too deep and tough for puppies to chew through, whilst offering ultimate levels of dreamy comfort.
  2. Puppy accident approved - Puppies will be puppies, meaning accidents are inevitable when it comes to potty training. But with the option to add a puppy pad beneath the topper, you can provide an extra level of protection.
  3. Odor-free -: The removable, washable topper means no smells and no worries. Simply zip off the topper and throw it in the washing machine when your topper needs a clean for that fresh-sheet feeling.

The Omlet 180 Day Puppy Guarantee

Puppy teeth are super sharp. But are they sharp enough to destroy their quilted topper to the extent that you can no longer zip it onto their mattress? We think not. We’re so certain that your Omlet Puppy Bed will be the last dog bed you’ll buy, that we’ll replace your topper for free if your puppy somehow does manage to chew through it within the first 180 days. Simply contact us, return your ripped quilted topper within 6 months of owning your puppy’s bed and you’ll receive your replacement quilted topper on us.

Omlet and your puppy

As the brand that never stops questioning, we create products that make pet parenting even better for animals and owners. Our mission is to bring people and pets closer together with products like our innovative dog beds that serve from puppy to prime and dog crates, customized to suit your and your dog’s style.