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Verified Reviews for Autodoor Attachment Kit for Eglu Cube Mk1

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Easy - Rick,

Perfect fit. Easy to fit.

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Easy to fit - Christine,

I found this easy to fit but I did have my sister to help as it is easier with two people.

The reviewer has 4-6 Brown hens from loca pets

Automatic door - Lynda,

Purchased this excellent product makes my hens safety top class feel they are secure at night without me having to go on my allotment in the dark easy to fit and excellent product

I luv this product! - William,

I was sceptical at first to trust my automatic door. I continued my trips each evening to insure door closed. This is a very reliable product. It is easy to install and program. It performs perfectly even in cold weather. The only thing I wish it had is a connection for solar battery charger

Omlet door - Russell,

If only we had this door when we first built our coop. It's a great door. We set the timer to open at 6:30 am and close at 9 pm. We're training our chickens not to block the door. It's actually funny watching the hens reaction to the door. Some are bull headed, or have bird brains. I'm thankful they are out bright and early. We've had it for a week. Once trained I'll feel great about going camping or visiting family out of state.

Autodoor attachment - Karen,

purchased all fixings and coop light with auto-door purchase - very pleased with all items - brilliant items, well made and put together and very happy we finally fitted the auto-door. Worth every penny, would recommend.

Easy and secure - Tracie,

I’m so happy to finally received my Auto door! So easy to install. I installed it on my wooden coop. The kind of coop that you buy as a kit and put together. I’ll sleep good tonight knowing this door is on and secure. It’s closed at sundown as expected. Can wait for it to open when so my ladies can come out of the house when they are ready instead of waiting for me. Again. So easy to install (one note, I used a 6.4mm drill bit because that’s the biggest I had and that worked vs the 7mm the instructions said to use.

Best Buy Time saver - Karen,

We are so happy with our auto door as it will keep us and our chickens happy no more walking outside to open and close them in and they won’t have to wait for us to get up Took a bit to understand settings but got there and managed to set for our time to open and close Very easy to fit and operate Looks good too Would like a remote if this ever comes as upgrade

Auto Door - Kristine, Michigan,

Love this! Allows my chickens to be safely tucked away at night if I do not happen to be home by dark. Do not have to be awake at the crack of dawn to let them out.

Just brilliant - Tamsin,

So much aggro trying to get teenage sons ( and husband .) to put chickens away when I’m at work! All solved... and I can even risk an extra hour in bed on a weekend. Chicken keeping now giving the joy I had hoped...wish I d bought it 4 yrs ago.

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