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Homemade chicken coop with Omlet automatic door.
Automatic door on a masonry henhouse
Odette the orpington is happy to get out of the house on time in the morning and safely inside at night!
Cozy coop
Mounting on a wooden door
Install door
Install door
Installed on wooden coop
Hurry up! We all want to go in!
Automatic door with hook for henhouse Eglu Cube
All getting ready for bed
Brilliant addition to my coop/run. wouldn’t be without it, chickens Got used to it very quickly after i threw food the other side of it to tempt them through it.
Mounting bracket
Didn’t take them long to use their new door
Omlet door
Love this door!
Automatic door on wooden henhouse
Traditional wire mesh fixing kit
Our new door happens to match our coop, perfectly 😁
easy install, works great.
The day is dawning!
The greenhouse transformed into a chicken coop
Automatic door
The girls love their new door!
Best automatic chicken coop door on the market
Real video to see that it is effective
Perfect automatic door
Omlet lamp chicken coop
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